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Habits Of The Frugal

Looking to be more frugal? If you want to save money and learn how to be a bit, well, cheap, take a look at some habits that you might need to pick up. Here are a dozen habits of the most frugal people that you would ever want to meet.

1) They Love Store Brands

A frugal person is not afraid to skip over the familiar name brand and take a chance on a generic store brand. They know that most of these brands are made by major manufacturers and will be just as good as the heavily advertised name brand. Since generics are typically around 30 percent less than their big label counterparts, this is a very big way to save.

2) They Buy In Bulk

If you are a frugal person, you know that buying in bulk is the only way to go. This is especially true when it comes to household supplies. A frugal shopper buys everything from toilet paper to toothpaste to trash bags in bulk and saves big. Essentially anything that is non perishable should be bought in bulk to maximize savings.

3) They Hate Waste

A frugal person hates to waste anything that still has value. You will notice that frugal people always take a doggy bag home from the restaurant. Why waste what could be another meal or at least free food for the dog. They may even go as far as metering how much shampoo they use in order to keep money from going down the drain. In short, nothing hits the trash can that could go to good use.

4) They Put Value On Reliability

When buying a product, frugal people put the greatest value on reliability. They want to buy something that will last, even if it means paying a few dollars more in the beginning.

Frugal people have learned that sometimes you have to spend a few more dollars to get the best value. Sometimes spending just a few dollars more will yield a product that lasts twice as long. This is true with all kinds of products such as clothing, appliances and automobiles.

5) They Buy Used Whenever Possible

If a frugal person needs a new refrigerator, a piece of furniture or even clothing, they will try to shop the used market first. Why pay full price when nearly everything that you need is available used for a fraction of the cost. That 40 inch television might be selling for 400 dollars at the box store, but it is only 100 dollars on Facebook marketplace.

6) They Can Entertain Themselves Cheaply

Frugal people love the simple things in life like reading a book, listening to a concert in the park or staying home and watching a new movie. They also realize that you do not even have to pay for these things, they are available for free from the city. A local library is a great source of free literature and even DVD movies. Most cities also regularly host free events like concerts, movie nights and art fairs. All one needs to do is check their city event calendar.

7) They Use Every Ounce Of A Product

Nothing ever goes to waste when you are frugal, you use every last drop. This might mean draining the old ketchup bottle into the new one or storing your shampoo bottle upside down to get every ounce out. It also means taking extra steps to preserve your food like freezing bread or dividing snacks into baggies that can be sealed tight. There is nothing worse than wasting something you paid for.

8) They Would Rather Repair Than Replace

A broken appliance is not an excuse to make a purchase, it is a reason to make a repair, often by their own hands. Frugal people know that just about anything can be fixed with the help of online resources. There are entire websites devoted to DIY home repairs and they are free.

9) They Love To Stay At Home

Not to say that frugal people are exclusively shut ins, but they do enjoy a good night at home. Why go out when you can stay home and entertain yourself and friends for a fraction of the price. This is why frugal people tend to make friends with other frugal people, like interests.

10) They Prepare Their Own Meals

The cost of a prepared meal is easily 2 to 3 times what it costs to cook from scratch, even more if you dine at a restaurant. This is why frugal people tend to cook most of their meals.

If you want to be frugal, cooking is a skill that you need and it is easier to learn than you might think. This is especially true today with the plethora of YouTube cooking channels available. Anyone who puts in the time in can learn to cook and save big.

11) They Live In Smaller Homes

Smaller homes are more affordable in every way. They are cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain and they cost less to heat and cool. Another perk is that they hold less stuff. This means that it costs less to furnish them and occupants of small homes are forced to have less personal belongings. You almost have to be frugal when you live in a small home and have no place to store things.

12) They Have A Long Term Plan

When you are frugal, you think of the end game, which is retirement. Frugal people do not mind giving up some nice things in the short term in order to accomplish their long term goals.

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