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Getting A Sam’s Club Card

For many, a Sam’s Club card is an indispensable tool that they use to sticking with a budget. It can unlock countless savings opportunities not available at other retail stores. For others, the though of paying a membership fee to shop might seem ridiculous. If you are one of these people, take a minute to read a few reasons that a Sam’s Club card might benefit you. You might be surprised at just how much cash it can save you.

The Sam’s Club Card

A Sam’s Club card currently goes for the low, low price of $45. Of course, depending on what side of the table you are on, you might consider that price a steal or a huge waste of money. From where we site, we feel that the price is worth every penny. In fact, our advice would be to splurge for the Sam’s Club Plus card which goes for $100 a year but gives you cash back and free shipping. Let’s start small though and look at the entry level card.

Below are some ways that you can save big with a Sam’s card. Take a look at just a few of the savings and you should find yourself convinced.

1. Cash Back

Let’s just start out with the cash back benefits. We all know that you save a little on everything at Sam’s but people often wonder if the savings are enough to make up for the membership cost.

Well, with the Sam’s Plus car, they definitely are. I personally have never had to pay for a membership for the last three years. My cash back savings have paid for the membership, plus a little extra every year.

You get $10 back for every $500 that you spend at Sam’s Club with the Plus membership. While that might not pay much for the average single person, if you have a family, the cash back reward will accumulate quickly. Yes, you have to spend 5000 dollars in a year to pay for the membership but if you have a family, that is no problem.

So, if you have even a moderately sized family, get the Plus card and the membership will pay for itself. In addition, you get the added perks of early shopping hours and free shipping.

2. Car Rebates

By far the biggest savings that I received from my membership was the $500 rebate that I received on the purchase of a new Ram pickup.

No catches, I just signed up for the vehicle rewards. They marketed my info to a few dealers, but in the end, I chose the dealership that I wanted and gave them a promo code from Sam’s that gave me an extra $500 off the purchase price.

Hard to beat that deal, so if you are in the market for a new car, it might be worth a look at a Sam’s Club card. A word of caution, not all makes and models will have rebates but enough do to make it worth your while to look into.

3. Gas Savings

I will be the first one to tell you that the gas savings are not huge, but these little things ad up. You might save 2 to 4 cents over other gas stations. That is up to about a dollar on the average fill up. Not a lot but there is something satisfying about saving money on gas.

Plus, if you fill up four times a month, that is $4 a month or $48 a year. That is enough right there to pay for your club membership. That membership comes with a lot of other savings on every day products and for your vehicle, it even includes free flat tire repairs.

4. Baby Products

If you have a baby, a Sam’s Club is a no brainer. You will save a ton.

For starters, you have the cost of diapers. You can buy massive boxes of quality diapers fo a fraction of the cost that you can get them anywhere else. You will get enough of a savings here alone to pay for your membership cost in just a few months.

Second, you have formula, one of the biggest expenses when you have babies. The members mark formula is of excellent quality and even comes in all of the varieties such as sensitive stomach.

Finally, do not forget about all of the little baby needs. Things like wipes, diaper genie refills, creams, onesies, etc, etc. You will find all of your needs here for more than a few percent off of the average retail price.

5. Snacks

You save a little on just about everything at Sam’s but snacks are particularly cheap, especially if you buy the individually packaged variety.

If yo have kids, these individually packaged items are a must have. Packages of muffins, chips, cheese crackers, etc. Get them at up to half of the cost of buying them in small packages at your grocery store. Plus since they are individually packaged, you do not have to worry about them going bad.

6. Seasonal Items

If you have ever been to a Sam’s Club, you know that they are very big on the seasonal stuff.

At the start of Summer, you will find pool toys, barbecues, charcoal and even kayaks. In the winter, you will find Christmas decorations and gift ideas.

All of these will be priced well below what you can get them for at another store. This is particularly good around the Christmas holiday where you can find lots of ideas for hard to shop for people at great prices. They even put apple products on sale. Around Christmas, pick up an apple watch for a slightly reduced price and it will normally come with a free iTunes card. Great deal.

7. Free Store Pickup

Time is money, so don’t forget about the free store pickup. Place an order online and you can pick it up whenever you are ready. No need to wander the warehouse, they will do it for you.

In addition, if you spring for the Plus membership, don’t forget about the free shipping. Those savings will add up in a hurry.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can save with a Sam’s Club membership.

If you are single, living by yourself, the savings are not so clear. For couples and families though, the membership will easily pay for itself in savings.

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