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If the time has come to put your home on the market, you probably want to get it sold super fast. A few of you might not be in a rush and might be willing to hang onto it for months to squeeze out every penny. For the most of us though, speed is of great importance. You might be waiting to purchase a new home or might be paying double mortgage payments. Whatever the case, you need it sold fast. Let’s take a look at how to do just that.

When you sell your home, you want two things, you want to get the most money as you can and you want it to sell quickly. Nobody wants to wait months for a sale. Sure, if you are trying to get top dollar, holding out for that right buyer might make sense, but you are going to make a lot of sacrifices. For most of us, getting that home sold fast is far more important than squeezing out every cent that you can.

So, if speed is of the utmost importance, let’s take a look at some things you need to do to get it gone fast.

Hire A Good Realtor

Of utmost importance is hiring a qualified realtor. They will have the ability to analyze the market in order for you to set your price correctly. Pick the wrong starting price and you could leave money on the table or end up sitting on the market for months.

Picking that correct starting price is more than just setting the price that people will buy your home for. You also have to consider what it will appraise for. You might be thrilled to sell your home for $300,000 but if it only appraises for $260,000, you are going to have problems.

You want to set your house for a price that it will sell for and avoid issues with appraisals down the road. A realtor can look at what other homes have sold for within the last 6 months to a year. This is information that appraisers will use to set your home value.

A realtor is also going to help you bring your home to market the right way. They know what buyers are looking for and they can help you stage and present your home correctly. Do not underestimate the importance of staging, good pictures and proper wording of your listing.

Finally, a good realtor will have a lot of resources to work with. Other realtors that they can market your home to and even a pool of buyers in wait.

Don’t Get Greedy

You want to get as much money as possible, but keep your asking price realistic. Ideally, your home will sell in the first one or two weekends. If you price it right, this should happen. Holding out for a higher price could cost yo a lot of time and time is money.

When setting your price, think about the extra mortgage payments that you will have to pay while your home sits on the market. If you are trying to get an extra 6000 dollars or 10000 dollars, you could eat through that extra profit in a matter of months because of the extra payments that you would have to pay.

Setting your home price in a reasonable manner can lead to a quick sale and in a strong market, might even create a bidding war.

Take Care Of The Maintenance

When selling your home, a lot of times it is the maintenance that is key. When people buy a home, they want to know that it has been taken care of. In most cases, this is the little things.

Before selling your home, make sure that all of the trim and windows are caulked properly. Also, throw a fresh coat of paint on the interior and the exterior. If you do it yourself, you can often take care of caulking and interior and exterior paint for as little as 300 dollars.

Beyond the visual stuff, you also want to take care of the mechanical parts of your home. Get things like your air conditioning tuned up and ready to go. You might be able to get by without doing this and still get an offer, but it could cause problems during the inspection.

Stage Your Home

This is of particular importance if you plan on living in your home while you sell it. You might like the way you have things but it does not mean that others will.

Rearrange your furniture so that it makes your rooms look larger. If necessary, remove some items from your home entirely. The last thing that you want to do is have oversized or excessive furniture in a room, making it look cluttered.

Speaking of clutter, be sure to get rid of as much of it as possible. People do not want to see your knick knacks and closets full of junk will make your home appear to not have enough storage space. A storage locker for only 200 dollars might be the best investment that you can make at this point. Get rid of all the junk and make your home show better.

Besides the furniture staging and decluttering, think about the little things. Some plug in deodorizers can do wonders, just avoid food scented one. In addition, think about sprucing up the mulch bed with some flowers or adding a few potted ones to the exterior. Fifty dollars in flowers can make a big difference for your curb appeal.

When you think you are done staging your home, do a test walk through. Start fro the curb and walk through your home and see what stands out. Address all of the little issues so that you make as good of an impression as possible.

Wrapping Up

Selling a home is a stressful but exciting event in your life. You are probably looking forward to getting that check at the end but don’t forget about the work that you need to do along the way. Prep your home, hire the right agent and have reasonable pricing expectations and you should be able to unload that property easily and quickly.

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