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If you have acreage, you know that maintaining it takes quite a bit of time especially if you are using a regular riding mower. It can take hours to do what a zero turn can do in just 45 minutes. This makes a zero turn one of the best investments that you can make if you want to maintain your yard and still have time to enjoy it. That being said, these mowers are also expensive which makes financing one of the easiest ways to afford one. Take a look at a few of ways that you can secure a zero turn of your very own.

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Cutting Convenience

If you are using a riding mower to cut acreage, you know how frustrating it can be. It can take over an hour just to cut an acre and that is if you are moving along at a good pace. Add obstructions like trees into the mix and the time goes up dramatically.

Zero turn mowers allow you to cut large acreage lawns in a fraction of the time. They are also much easier to move around obstructions making them much less frustrating to use. Besides that, they are also just plain cool.

On the downside is the fact that they are expensive. An entry level zero turn is going to cost you 3000 dollars and the prices go up greatly from there. That is why financing is such a good option with a zero turn.

Now that we know why we are financing, let’s look at your options.

1. Online Personal Loans

Getting an online loan is one solution that has a number of advantages.

For starters, they are easy to apply for. In fact, you can get a quote for zero turn financing right now with our help. It takes just a few minutes to fill out a form and get a loan offer from a lender. This is much easier than going into a dealer and filling out a lengthy paper application.

Another benefit of the online loan is that it makes you a cash buyer. If approved and you accept a loan, a lender will deposit money directly into your account. You can then shop for a zero turn mower wherever you like,not just where you get approved. That allows you to shop multiple dealers and get exactly what you want at the best price. You can also use any excess cash leftover to buy other lawn supplies.

Lastly, there are lenders online that can handle just about any credit type. With a dealer finance company, approval can be difficult, especially if you have a few dings on your report. Our online lending group however is made up of all sorts of lenders that can work with all sorts of credit types.

So, you see, online lending has a number of advantages. That said, you still have other options.

2. Dealer Credit

Dealer credit can be tough to get but if you have excellent credit, it might be the best choice. Why? Because of dealer promotions.

With excellent credit, you may be able to qualify for low interest or even zero interest financing on your new zero turn. It is pretty much impossible to beat zero interest, so if you think you can qualify, you should go after one of these deals.

The good thing about dealer credit, besides the potential promotions, is the fact that you can get it all done in one place. Get financing at the same place that you purchase your mower. That keeps things nice and simple.

On the flip side, that dealer knows that you are a captive buyer. You are approved through their finance company and you have to buy from them to get the finance deal. That means that they might be less likely to negotiate on the purchase price of the mower.

3. Used Mowers

If financing is not an option for you, looking into used mowers might be the thing to do. If you are lucky, you could catch quite a deal.

A mower that costs over 3000 dollars new, can often be had for 1000 dollars. You just have to be in the right place at the right time and be prepared to jump on the deal.

The obvious downside to shopping for a used zero turn is the cash out of pocket. Not all of us have 1000 dollars burning a hole in our pockets, especially these days.

In addition, lawn mowers are things that are often not well maintained. You never know if the former owner has taken care of it or not, so buying used is like rolling the dice. You never know what you are going to get.

4. Doing Without

Last but not least, you have the option of simply doing without. Yes, the grass still needs to get cut but you may be able to get by until you can save up enough money for a good down payment that will get you a loan. Sometimes you just can not get things this very second, you have to wait.

In the meantime, here is a way you can handle the grass that just won’t stop growing.

If you have acreage that you are trying to cut, map out a large portion to skip. Pick an area around the home that is much smaller and let the rest of the yard temporarily go until you can get a larger mower. Pick an area that you can manage to handle with your current equipment or with the purchase of a much cheaper mower.

Additionally, ask your neighbors for help. Neighbors in the country are often willing to help and might be good enough to cut your entire property from time to time with their zero turn or tractor.

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