Get A Puppy With No Money

If you are in the market for a puppy, you probably know that they can be quite expensive. A pure bred puppy can cost thousands of dollars making it hard for the average person to afford one. We can help. Here are 5 ways that you can afford to get that puppy when you have next to no money.

So, just when did pure bred puppies become so expensive?

They have truly been quite costly for years now, but there has also recently been an uptick in prices. This is partly due to breeds like french Bulldogs that have become very popular but are very expensive to breed.

Whatever the case, you want a new puppy and you have little or no money. Here are some ways to get one.

1) Get A Puppy Loan

Yes, this is a real thing and has become fairly common. With many breeds costing well over 3000 dollars, it is very understandable.

Here is how it works. You enter in how much you expect to spend on a dog and then some information about yourself and your income. Finally, you enter where you want money to be sent and submit your quote form.

If approved, a lender will make you an offer and will send money directly to your bank account. You can then shop for your puppy at any breeder that you like, not just at pet shops.

Sound like an option you want to explore? You can get a pet financing quote here.

A woman using a computer to get a puppy loan.

2) Rescue A Puppy

No matter what breed that you want, there is probably a rescue that serves them. You could be looking for a French Bulldog, A Great Dane or a Poodle, it does not matter. There will be a group, probably even local, that rescues these animals.

Going with a rescue puppy is a great way to get a pure breed dog on a budget, but it will not be a puppy for no money. Most rescue organizations charge a little money in the form of an adoption fee, so you will need 300 dollars to 500 dollars to adopt, in most cases. Considering the price of full breeds though, this is a steal.

The adoption fee serves two purposes. First, it helps to fund the organization, paying for medical bills, food, etc. Second, it assures that the pet is going to a good home. If they gave them away for free, who knows where the dogs would end up, they could even wind up in research labs. This is why nearly every rescue organization will charge a small adoption fee.

The only real downside to going with a rescue is the fact that you are unlikely to get a puppy. Most dogs will be 2 years or older although you might luck out.

An English Bulldog at a rescue

3) Get A Shelter Dog

If you are not dead set on getting a pure breed, there are thousands of mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters right now that you can get for almost no money.

The great thing about mixed breed dogs or “mutts” is that they are generally healthier than pure breed dogs. There is always going to be some inbreeding with breeders and that can often lead to the rise of some genetic issues like heart and hip issues.

Now, keep in mind that most shelters will also have adoption fees but they are generally much less than that of a rescue organization. Many will even waive the fees on holidays or when the shelter is getting full. If you want to take advantage of these deals, keep an eye on your local shelter website.

A dog awaiting a new home.

4) Look For A Free Dog

People give dogs away all of the time on websites like Craigslist. This could be for a number of reasons such as relocating, kids developing allergies, etc. Whatever the reason, they need to find a home for their dog and this is an opportunity for you, if you want a free dog.

If you do decide to go this route, you are very unlikely to find a pure breed, but you can still get a friendly and healthy mutt. Do be careful for scams when dealing with free classified websites.

A small re-homing fee of 100 dollars or so might be acceptable, it is after all a good way to make sure a dog goes to a good home. You should be careful of larger re-homing fees though and you should never wire anybody money.

A shelter dog looking for a home.

5) Hustle For The Money

If all else fails, you can do a little old fashioned hustling for the money that you need. Yes, if you need 2000 dollars for a dog, it may take quite a bit of hustling, but you can do it.

There are literally dozens of ways to make a little extra money. Here are just a few examples.

Plasma donation can earn you up to 400 dollars a month. That can get you a big chunk of the money you need for a puppy and lets you do a good thing for others.

Another option might be selling some property that you do not need. Sell old furniture, appliances, tools or even designer clothing on places like Facebook Marketplace. Have a lot of things to sell? Consider a garage sale.

Finally, although you have way more choices, why not consider a part time job. Work some retail, drive for Uber, deliver food with Grub Hub or even walks ome dogs with the help of Rover.

A Word On Scams

Since you are obviously desperate for the money to get a puppy, I have to give you a word of warning. Watch out for puppy scams because they are all over the place.

Scammers are building websites and conning people out of thousands of dollars. The sites look very convincing and are often advertised with the help of Google ads. There is a dead giveaway though. They offer dogs for ridiculously low prices.

If the price is too good to be true, it surely is. When every legit breeder charges 3000 dollars or more for an English or French Bulldog, nobody can really sell one online for 600 dollars. They just want you to wire them the money and then you will never hear from them again.

In short, never buy a dog online. Work with a local breeder and do not wire money to anyone, no matter how tempting it is.

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