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More Ways To Get $50 Or More

Fifty dollars is really not a terribly large amount of money to get. If that is all that you need, you have a lot of options. Of course, if you need more money, we can also help. For now, let’s take a look at ways to get you that $50.

1. Sell To A Used Book Store

Used bookstores make their money reselling used books, compact disks, DVD’s, records and even magazines. This is their bread and butter and people really do still buy this stuff.

You can profit from that used book store if you need 50 dollars now by bringing in your saleable items. You probably have a ton of stuff just laying in your closet collecting dust that you can sell wholesale to the used bookstore.

On average, you will get about a dollar per item. This means that you just need to find 50 things to sell i order to get the $50 that you need.. Any combinations of books, compact disks or old movies will do. You can also sell magazines in good condition but they will not fetch as much money.

2. Donate Plasma

If you are okay with a needle, you can do a lot of good by donating plasma. Plasma is needed for a lot of life saving treatments and there is always a need for donors.

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to give plasma and it will not even leave you light headed like giving blood does. In the donation process, your red blood cells are returned to you. This means no dizzy feelings and it also means that you can donate up to twice a week.

The average payout for a plasma donation is $30 to $50. How much you earn depends greatly on how much you can give. The more you weigh, the more you can give.

To be eligible to donate, you generally just need to be in good health and weigh over 100 pounds.

The good things about giving plasma to meet your money goal are that it actually helps people and you can do it repeatedly throughout the month. Make up to $300 each and every month.

3. Give Up An Old Phone

If you have a cell phone just wasting away in your junk drawer, you can get an easy 50 bucks for it by selling it at an ecoATM. It is the super easy and fast way to get money.

Just bring your phone to one of these ATMs and walk away with cash in hand right that second.

When selling your phone, remember two things. You need to bring all of your chargers and cables and you need to reset your phone to factory settings. We use our phones for everything these days and because of this, they contain a lot of personal information. Information that you would not want in the wrong hands, so wipe your device.

4. Take Paid Surveys

Yes, you can make $50 by taking paid surveys but it will take you most of the day.

Surveys pay in points which you can then trade in for gift cards. No, this is not exactly cash, but you can trade in your points for PayPal gift cards which spend just like cash.

A good place to start is Swagbucks because they actually do pay out. I am sure that you have seen them pushed somewhere on the web but here is a tip that you will not get elsewhere. If you sign up through an affiliate link,where the website owner gets paid, you get a $5 bonus. Sign up through a non affiliate link and you get a $10 bonus.

Check out Swagbucks here. This is not an affiliate link so you will get the entire $10. We are not making money off this link.

5. Recycle Some Metal

If you live in a town of any size, you have a metal recycler doing business. They recycle all kinds of metal from aluminum cans to hot water heaters to stainless steel grills.

To get this metal, they depend on people bringing it in and they pay by the pound.

Bot how do you get this metal? Sure you might have some laying around the home but it is probably not enough to make $50.

Lucky for you, all it takes is a bit of hustling to find your metal. People throw scrap to the curb all of the time. All that you need to do is go around collecting it. Just pull out the recyclable metal and place the rest of the stuff neatly back on the pile. Of course, you need to be certain that what is on the curb is actually meant for the dump. This is usually obvious but it never hurts to ask.

Another source of metal is Craigslist. Look in the “free” section or post an ad that you are willing to pick up scrap metal for free. People will be happy to get rid of what they see as junk.

6. Do Some Day Labor

Most cities have a day labor station or at least a place known for day labor where people can hire workers. You might have to do some manual labor, but at the end of the day, you would have cash in hand. Probably more than the $50 that you need.

Another option is to check out the “misc” section of the local Craigslist job board. There are a lot of businesses that need people for a single day and they will pay in cash at the end of the day. One example is the people who hold signs at intersections for “going out of business” sales and apartment leasing.

7. Hock Something

If all else fails and you need a quick $50, you can always turn to a pawn shop. Just about every city has one and they are always more than eager to buy your stuff, at a discount of course.

Some things that they are most interested in will be video games, power tools and jewelry. Have any of these things just laying around and you can make the money that you need quite easily.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make a quick 50 bucks in a day. Some are easy while some will take the better part of the day. Choose the method that works best for you or combine a few methods to make even more money.

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