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Finance A Refrigerator

These days refrigerators are crazy expensive. They can cost thousands of dollars for even a basic side by side model. For this reason, many people choose to finance the expense and spread out the cost. If you find yourself in need of a loan for a new fridge, but have bad credit, we can help. Get a fast and free loan quote in a matter of minutes.

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Be A Cash Buyer

When you get a quote using the form above, you will be getting a quote for a bad credit installment loan. This is different than store credit and that is a very good thing. Keep reading and find out why.

When you get store credit, you are limited to buying your refrigerator from one store. This limits your choices and could cause you to have to miss out on the best deals.

With an installment loan, if approved, your lender would deposit money directly into your checking account. This lets you buy your appliance just like a cash buyer. Get the exact model that you want and shop around for the very best price. It could even allow you to explore the used appliance market if you wanted to go that route.

There are a lot of perks to being a cash buyer in a purchase like this.

How Does Loan Monkey Help?

First and foremost, you need to understand that we are not a lender. This is a good thing for you because we instead get you access to a loan network. The network has more lenders which means a lot more chances of getting an approved offer. If you have bad credit, this is important and can save you a lot of time.

If you were to instead apply with a single direct lender, it could take you longer to get an offer. You fill out one quote form and then if you did not meet that lenders requirements, you would get denied. Then you would have to start the entire process over again with someone else.

With a network, if one lender does not want to make you an offer, there is another one right around waiting in line. It can speed up the process of getting your approved loan quote.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting an offer is easy.

First, you simply need to fill out the quote form at the top of the page. First enter in the amount that you expect to need for your refrigerator. Then enter some basic information about yourself and your source of income. Finally, enter your bank information so that your money can be electronically deposited if everything works out for you.

Next, you submit your information and wait for an individual lender to make you an offer. Once an offer comes in, you will typically be directed to the website of your individual lender so that you can review the offer. Take the time to study all of the details so that you know just what kind of offer you are getting. Now is the time to ask your lender questions if you need some clarification.

Finally, if you like your refrigerator loan offer, accept it. Your lender will then wrap up the whole process and get you the money that you need ASAP. This is often as early as the next business day.

Shopping For Your Appliance

When it comes time to get your new refrigerator, you have some big choices to make. A refrigerator is one of those appliances that can last well over ten years. This means that you will be stuck with whatever you buy for some time. As far as price goes, a refrigerator can cost anywhere from 1000 dollars to all the way up to 4000 dollars, so it is a huge decision. Here are some basic choices that you will need to choose from.

Top Freezer

This is the classic refrigerator design with a small freezer on top and a refrigerated compartment on the bottom. These are usually the cheapest of appliances but they are also the most dated.You typically find these in much older and rent homes.

Side By Side

This appliance has a refrigerated compartment on one side and a freezer on the other. Both compartments run the full way from top to bottom. The benefit to this design is that it makes it easy to organize your food with the large amount of shelves. The negative is that it can be harder to fit wide items into any compartment.

Bottom Freezer

This is essentially just the opposite of the top freezer model with the difference being that the bottom refrigerator will have a pull out drawer. The benefit to this model is that you can fit wide items in the refrigerator like pizza boxes or sheet cakes. The freezer section will also hold a lot of frozen food because of the size of the drawer. The downside to this design is that it is hard to organize that vast freezer compartment since there is no shelving.

Wrapping Up

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your house. If it goes out, you are in big trouble unless you replace it quickly. Given the cost of these appliances, it is not surprising that people need loans to make the purchase. When you have bad credit, this can be difficult. Luckily, you have a way to get a quote for the financing that you need and you can do everything online.

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