engagement ring that was financed despite having poor credit

Engagement Ring Financing

Are you ready to pop the question but are low on funds? We can help you get a quote for the engagement ring of your dreams. Even with bad credit, you may be able to qualify for an installment loan that will help you get a ring now. In any case, it is free to get a quote, so why not see what kind of offer you can get?

Get A Fast Quote Now

Ready to get your quote? With just a little bit of information, you can get a quote for your engagement ring. Even with bad credit, you may be able to get an offer because many of the lenders in our network are used to dealing with less than perfect credit. Quotes are free and secure so you have nothing to lose.

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Learn About Bad Credit Installment Loans

Getting a quote for engagement ring financing with bad credit is incredibly easy with Loan Monkey and has a number of advantages. When you apply for store credit, you have to then buy from that store. This limits your ability to price shop and get just the engagement ring that you want.

If approved for an installment loan, you have much more freedom. Your lender would deposit the money from the loan directly into your bank account. You can then buy your ring from whatever jewelry store that you like. Get that perfect ring and have the ability to haggle on price. It is much harder to negotiate a price if a store knows that you have to buy there.

So, now how does the quote process work? First, you will fill out the quote form at the top of the page. It only asks for basic information, so you will not be filling it out for hours. Most people can complete the form in just a few minutes. In addition to basic information, the form will also ask for your bank account numbers. This is only used if you accept your loan so that they can deposit the money into your account.

Once the form is complete, simply agree to the terms and hit submit. This is where the magic happens. With store credit, if you get denied it is all over. With a loan network, if one lender says not, your information goes to the next lender. This happens until the system finds you a lender who wants to make you an offer or until you exhaust the list. It is simply the fastest way to get an approval for engagement ring financing with bad credit.

If an offer is extended to you, you will have the ability to review it and decide if it is right for you. Be sure to take advantage of this time to read about all of the details of your loan. Know the total cost of credit so that you can make a smart decision as to whether the loan is right for you.

Accept the loan and your lender will deposit the money into your bank account as soon as the next business day. Turn it down and you can simply walk away, there is no obligation.

Ready to get an offer on your jewelry loan, just head to the form at the top of the page.

Other Ways To Get That Engagement Ring

A loan is a quick and easy way to get a loan but it might not be for everyone. Here are some other options that you can consider to get the engagement rig that you need.

Save Money

You knew I was going to say it. Saving is the best alternative to a loan. The time that you need to save will depend on the cost of the engagement ring that you intend to buy and how much disposable income that you have to put towards your savings. To speed up the whole process, you can look at some ways to make extra money. Here are some examples of ways to make more money.

  • Change Jobs
    It is an employees market right now. Employers are desperate for quality workers and are willing to pay for it. By switching jobs, you might be able to get a nice increase in pay. It is not uncommon for people to get ten to twenty percent raises by making lateral moves to another company. Your current employer would never give you that kind of a raise.
    In addition, your new employer might even offer a sign up bonus. Bonuses of $1000 or more are fairly common and would make a nice deposit to that savings account.
  • Sell Something
    You probably have quite a bit of well, lets call it junk just lying around. One mans junk is another mans treasure. Sell it and put a dent in the amount of money that you need to get a ring. Sell small items that are easy to ship on eBay to get the most money. Larger items can be sold locally on local online market places like Craigslist.
    Another way to get some quick money today is to sell plasma. That’s right, plasma. If you are good with needles, you can make $300 to $400 a month donating it. All you need to do is find a local donation center and go in a couple times a week. Catch up on your reading or just play on your phone while you make some easy money and help people at the same time.
  • Add A Part Time Job
    There are dozens of part time jobs that will work with any schedule. You can work overnights at a big box store stocking shelves, drive people around the city in your car with Lyft or even deliver food with Uber eats. The only thing stopping you from earning in this way is your drive.

Borrow From Relatives

Another great source of money for an engagement ring is a loan from one of your relatives. People tend to be a little free with their pocketbooks when the money is for something like a wedding proposal. When you borrow from a relative for the purpose of wedding ring financing, bad credit is not a problem.

The trick to successfully borrowing money from family is to get everything in writing. Memories get fuzzy over time so you need to have things written down for proof. Include the amount of the money that you borrow and when you plan to pay it back. Also, make sure that both of you sign it and when you make payments or pay it off, get a receipt.

It might seem impersonal to write a contract when you are dealing with a relative, but trust us, it is well worth doing. Your relative will probably even be impressed that you are being responsible enough to write up a contract.

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