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Easy Ways To Make $500 A Month

If you need to earn some part time money, we can help. Everyone should have some sort of side hustle to make ends meet or help you save for retirement. Here are some easy ways to make $500 a month in your part time. Things that anyone can do.

1. Make A Life Saving Donation

Plasma is something that is needed to make a number of life saving treatments. If you donate your plasma, you can do your part to help people. You can also make some money, as much as 500 dollars in a month.

When you donate plasma, you can make anywhere from $40 to $80 a donation. You can also donate much more often than you donate blood. This is because your red blood cells are returned to you when you donate. This allows you to donate up to twice a week as long as you wait a few days between donations.

The actual amount that you borrow will depend on your weight. The more you weigh, the more plasma you have in you and the more you can give.

If plasma donation seems like the thing for you, just search for plasma donation on your favorite search engine. Nearly every city has a donation center close by and many will have several to choose from

2. Put Your Car To Work

If you like to drive and are fairly familiar with your city, you might enjoy driving for the likes of Uber or Lyft. Uber claims that their drives make around $25 an hour. This means that you can make an easy $500 by working just 20 hours in a month,

20 hours a month breaks down into just 5 hours a week which is something that anybody can fit in to their schedule. In addition, these driving apps are so flexible that you can work at any time that you want. Just make yourself available when you want to earn money and stop working whenever you want. You might just find that 500 is not enough and you want to double your driving and start earning 1000 dollars or more. It is easy to ramp up your income with a driving app.

To make the most of driving part time, you will want to do some experience as to which hours in your schedule are the best. Peak hours will keep your busier and your rates will be higher. Try various shifts and see what your pay is like.

As far as which service to choose, both are fairly similar although Lyft will take a smaller cut of your rate. Uber may give you more business and provide more income as they are available in more locations and have a bigger market share.

3. Work For A Major Retail/Grocery Chain

Retail stores are hurting for talent. Recently, one of the giants announced that they would raise their starting pay to $13 an hour. That giant is Target and they can help you make an easy $500 a month or more in just a few hours a week.

At $13 an hour, you could make that amount of money in less than 10 hours a week. And, because they are open extensive hours, you can fit a shift or two into just about any schedule.

If you already shop at this store, you may be interested in some of the perks of employment as well, namely a 10 percent discount. This can help you make the most of your budget and make your financial benefit much higher than just 500 bucks.

Not a Target in your area? No problem, you probably have a Walmart though and they recently made a similar move to raise minimum starting pay. The good thing about this store is that most are open 24 hours a day. This makes it even easier to fit some part time work into your schedule.

4. Take Care Of Some Pooches

If you like dogs, you can make a nice part time income with Rover. Rover is the pet care matching service that sets you up with gigs taking care of dogs. Sure, they take a cut of the money but they get you work that you would not otherwise of been able to get.

Currently, as a dog walker, you would take home 80 percent of what you make. For their 20 percent of the cut, Rover will match you with more than enough dog owners for you to make $500 or more in your part time.

If you love dogs, there is nothing better than to make money by walking them in your spare time. It is like you are not even working.

In addition to dog walking, Rover helps match professionals to dog owners looking for a number of other services. This could be boarding, dog bathing, training or in home dog sitting.

5. Save The Earth

Yes, saving the earth can be profitable. One of the biggest problems that we have is waste. People throw away everything often without even a thought of recycling. This goes with all kind of waste like plastic, paper and metal. Make sure the plastic and paper get put in the proper recycling bin and then get the money you need by cashing in on the metal.

Metal recyclers will pay you top dollar, by the pound, for recyclable metal. Why? Because it costs less to recycle metal than it does to produce new metal. This creates a market for old metal and you can cash in on it.

Your first thought is probably aluminum cans but you should have bigger thoughts. In addition to aluminum, recyclers need brass, copper, stainless steel and much more. This is metal that you can find everywhere and in great quantity. Look for it simply thrown away on the street or in piles in neighborhoods just waiting for the bulk pickup trash day. Instead, grab it, save it from the junkyard and cash in.

To find a metal recycler near you, simply search for one with your favorite search engine. There should be one within driving distance of you

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