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Cut Your Moving Costs

Moving can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are moving any great distance. Like everything else though, there are a lot of ways to save money on your next move. Let’s take a look at some ways that you may be able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your relocation expenses.

Moving Is No Fun

Nobody likes to move, especially when it comes to writing checks for that move. While we can not help you make your move fun, we might be able to help you save a little or even a lot of money. If you find a move is in your future, take a look at a few of the tops below and see if you can put any of them into effect.

Move Yourself

A full blown move from a professional mover is going to be expensive, especially if that move involves travel to another city.

If you have it in you, moving yourself can save you a lot of money. Rent a truck for as little as $50 plus mileage costs and then pack and load your own stuff. It is a major pain to do and you will be relieved to finally get it over, but it will save you a considerable amount of money.

How much money that you save will depend on how much stuff you have and how far you plan to travel. If you are moving a small apartment in the same city, you could save an easy 300 dollars by doing it yourself. If you are moving an entire house cross country, the savings could be 3000 dollars or even more.

Of course, doing an entire move yourself is not for everyone. You may not be able to physically do it or the thought of it might be too hard to swallow. If this is the case ,consider a combo method. Rent the truck yourself and hire movers to load it and then unload it at your destination. All you would have to do is the driving.

Pack Your Own Stuff

If a professional move is for you, consider cutting some of the costs by packing your own belongings. Having movers come in and pack your things can be very pricey as you will be charged by the hour for a packers time.

By packing your own boxes, you can save hundreds of dollars off the cost of a professional move.

Save even more by sourcing boxes from free places. Ask friends and family if they have boxes, check with local retail stores and even look on Craigslist. There are a lot of free sources for boxes but you need to start early in order to build enough stock.

Load A Cube

Another great option that has come to be in the last decade or so is the storage cube. Movers will drop off a large, usually metal, storage crate at your home and you get to load it. You usually get the crate with plenty of time, so you could have a week or more to casually load your belongings.

Once loaded, the company will return to pick up the storage cube and will then deliver it to the location of your choice. Because you are not paying money for movers, only a driver, you can save a lot of money over a traditional move. For longer moves, you can even save on transit because the company will be moving multiple storage cubes at a time.

Another great benefit to going the cube route is if your new home will not be ready immediately. Instead of being delivered, it can be stored in a warehouse and then delivered to you later.

Sell Your Stuff

Why move it when you can just sell it? Before deciding on whether to move your property cross country, consider a few things. Add up how much your property is worth if you were to sell it and how much the cost of a move would be. If the cost of the move would be more or similar to the price of simply selling everything off, go the selling route.

Sell all of your stuff and then all you have to do is transport a few boxes of clothes and personal items. Who wouldn’t want to simply get to shop for all new stuff rather than packing it and moving it.

If selling all of your stuff is not an option or if the numbers do not add up, consider simply downsizing. Sell a few of your bulkier things to cut down on the moving costs. Maybe it is time to let go of that old futon from college or that rusty old barbecue grill. The less you move, the smaller the truck you will need and the fewer moving hours you will have to pay for.

Move For Free

This is the ultimate way to save on a move, isn’t it. Just move for free. It sounds crazy, but there are some ways to accomplish this goal.

If you are moving apartments in the same city, check with a mover/apartment locator. Many apartment lenders have merged with movers to offer free moves when you use them to find you a new apartment. It costs you nothing because the apartment community pays the movers in the form of a commission for bringing you in. A typical finders fee is 50% of the rent. So, if you rent an apartment for 1200 dollars, they get 600 dollars and they move you for free.

Another option is if you are changing jobs. Negotiate the cost of the move into your new job offer. If you are bringing a lot to the company and they are asking you to move a considerable distance, you will probably be compensated or at least partially compensated for your move.

Wrapping Up

Moving is never a fun proposition and it is something that can be a major expense. Expenses of 300 dollars, 3000 dollars or even 10,000 dollars are possible with a move. Since it is such a major budget buster, you need to take every opportunity to save money.

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