A wedding cake that someone saved money for.

Creative Ways To Pay For A Dream Wedding In 1 Year

Looking to pay for a dream wedding? You are not the only one scratching their head trying to come up with money to get married, especially with the economy we have had. If you are starting out from scratch, it can be difficult, but there are numerous ways to fund a wedding. This article will walk you through few of them.

Just add the term wedding to a product and it doubles in price. Want to rent a couple dozen chairs, that will be 200 dollars. Want to rent a couple dozen wedding chairs, that will be 400 dollars. Wedding pricing is price gouging at its best and that helps drive the cost of the average wedding up considerably.

The average cost of a wedding in the US is over 30,000 dollars. This includes, among other things, the costs of the venue, catering, flowers and decorations. This average price, also considers the wedding to be in an average location. If you are getting married in a city like New York City or Chicago it will cost you considerably more to tie the knot.

So, what do you do if you are starting from scratch and want to pay for a dream wedding? You need to save and you need to get started right away.

Saving Money For A Dream Wedding

If you are starting out at zero, it is going to be a long and hard process to save the money you need. Assuming that you need the average wedding cost of 30,000 dollars, let’s take a look at some ways to get you there in a year.

Eliminate All Dinners Out

If you are like most people, you dine out at least once a week, with an average cost of 50 dollars a meal. Over the course of a calendar year, that is 2600 dollars or just under 10 percent of the money you need for a wedding.

Start Meal Planning

With no more dinners out, you will be eating at home more often, which gives you another saving opportunity. Meal planning is a way to eliminate food waste, which for most Americans is roughly 20 percent of what they buy. All that you need to do is write a weekly list of the meals you plan to serve and then  use that list to make an accurate shopping list that will cut waste. If you spend 100 dollars a week on food, this is a savings of just over 1000 dollars a year.

Switch To A Free Streaming Service

Most of us have a few streaming services that we pay for on a monthly basis. The most common and priciest ones include Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu. Every penny counts when planning a wedding and switching to a free streaming service can save you 200 to 400 dollars a year.

If you still pay for cable or satellite, the savings are even greater at well over 1000 dollars a year.

Give Up Soda

A cheap disposable water bottle can save you 500 to 1000 dollars a year over the cost of soda. Don’t think you drink that much money worth of soda? Consider that the average 12 pack now costs over 5 dollars and a fast food soda can cost you a few bucks. Over the course of a year, it really adds up.

Rent A Cheaper Home

Assuming that you rent, moving to a cheaper home can save you thousands of dollars. A monthly savings of just 200 dollars is over 2000 dollars by the end of the year and this does not include all of the other savings that go with it. Smaller homes cost less to maintain and are cheaper to heat and cool.

Get A Part Time Job

Part time work is plentiful these days, with employers facing a major shortage of staff. That works out in your favor if you need to save money for a wedding in a year. Even a simple nighttime stocking gig at a local retailer can provide a big chunk of the money you need.

Work just one shift a week and you could have 6000 dollars in a year to pay for your wedding. Work two shifts a week and you can double that and take in 12000 dollars, nearly half of what you need.

Getting A Loan For Your Dream Wedding

If your saving goals do not pan out or if you need your wedding to happen sooner, you should give some thought to a wedding loan. It can allow you to pay for your wedding now instead of having to skimp and save for a year. Keep a few things in mind however.

Watch The Interest Rate

Interest rates and fees can be high on an unsecured loan, like a wedding loan. Make sure that you take a look at the APR and the total cost of financing when you decide to accept a loan or not. Remember, you are just getting started out in a new relationship and debt never helps.

Do Not Over Spend

A loan might seem like easy money and that can lead to over spending. If you already had a wedding budget in mind, stick to it and resist the urge to go bigger just because you have the money.

Comparison Shop

Don’t just accept the first loan offer that is approved. Lender rates and fees can vary wildly, so be sure to get several wedding loan quotes before you commit.

Save Money On Your Wedding Costs

We all want to have a memorable wedding, but if you come up short on funds in a year, you will have to make a few sacrifices to get the money you will need. Here are some ways to cut the costs associated with a wedding without dramatically affecting the final product.

Limit Your Guest List

Every single guest that you invite is going to cost you money, so consider carefully who you want to invite. If you want t top of the line wedding on a budget, a smaller wedding party is key.

Go DJ Over Band

A live band is fun, but is also very expensive. Instead, turn to a DJ to provide the music and have just as much fun.

Choose Cheaper Food & Less Options

Chicken or Steak? Well, how about just chicken. A simpler menu can be just as tasty but cost a fraction of the cost of a more sophisticated offering.

Do It Yourself

If you are artsy and can do some of your wedding work yourself, take advantage of the savings. Make your own bouquet, arrange your own flowers and even craft you own wedding invites. There are dozens of ways to save hundreds of dollars.