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Cheap Dates For Frugal Couples

There comes a time in just about every couples life where they have to buckle down and save some money. It could be to save money for a home down payment, it could be to fund a dream vacation or it might be just to get through a rough money patch. Whatever the case, you still need to have a little fun. Here are some simple and cheap ways to enjoy yourself as a couple on a budget.

Dating Frugal Style

Let’s not call it cheap, lets call it frugal from now on. Here are some great ways to entertain yourselves without breaking the bank.

Go On A Long Walk

The walk is so underrated. Pack a lunch or light dinner and some beverages in a backpack. Then find a nice large park or nature trail near you. Shut off your phones and just go for a leisurely stroll.

Stop when you get hungry or thirsty and just have a nice conversation without the stress of your normal hectic life.

Take In A Minor League Baseball Game

Sure, major league baseball can be expensive but minor league clubs are almost begging fans to show up. They not only need money, but they also need attendance. Take in a cheap minor league game and get all of that great small ballpark feel and possibly see some great up and coming talent. Many of these ballparks will even let you take in drinks and possibly food, making them even cheaper.

Have A Board Game Night

How long has it been since you dusted off the scrabble board. Game nights can be a lot of fun but we forget about just how nice they are. The simple pleasures of a board game are often overshadowed by the shine of expensive nights out.

So, why not order an inexpensive pizza and pull out scrabble, monopoly, battleship or even just a deck of cards and have at it. You might be amazed at how fun the simple things really are.

Visit Some Model Homes

New homes are a lot of fun to visit. You can see the latest in home technology and get some great decorating ideas. It is a great way to kill a few hours, plus they usually have cookies.

Take In A Free Concert Or Movie

Nearly every city will host free events for their residents, and they don’t check ID at the door. This means that you can mooch of neighboring cities and take advantage of free movies in the park and/or concerts. Grab a blanket and a picnic basket and make a night of it.

Take an inventory of every city in a 5 mile radius, or further if you are willing to drive, and then check out their community website. Note any upcoming free events that you are interested in and make a note on your calendar.

Go Night Fishing

There is nothing nicer than sitting by a lake at night, just enjoying the peace and quiet. Listen to the crickets and catch some catfish. For a few dollars in bait, you can have a blast. You do not even have to keep the fish, just catch and release if you are not the fish eating type.

Putt Putt Anyone

Remember miniature golf? It is still around and cheaper than ever. Kill a few ours on the cheap by playing a round of miniature golf. Do it quick before these places and the memories hey create disappear. When you are done, wrap it all up with a game of Mrs PacMan. Remember that?

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

No kill animal shelters need your support. Why not volunteer and give some puppies and dogs some love. It takes a lot of labor to take care of them and that labor can be quite rewarding. It is no secret that being around animals lowers stress levels so give a little ans get a lot back in return.

Treat Yourself To Dessert

Sure, a night out for dinner is fun but is is expensive. You could easily drop close to 100 dollars on a dinner out with drinks and dessert. What is the best part of that meal though? Dessert. Eat at home and treat yourselves to a nice dessert. Split a large one and you can only be out about $10 plus tip. Make it even cheaper by just going out for ice cream. A couple of cones are only a few dollars and you can grab a few and take a nice walk with them.

Hit, Literally, A Bating Cage

Even if you are not the athletic type, batting cages are just plain fun. For a handful of quarters, you can have a nice night of fun. The next day, the soreness in your shoulders will just be a subtle reminder of the fun you had. Beginners can hit the slow pitch cages while those who think they are ballers can head for the fast pitch ones.

Put Together A Puzzle

Seriously, when was the last time you did this. They are strangely addicting. There is something about the challenge that will just have you wasting hours trying to find just one more piece. You can even make it a multi night event depending on how big of a puzzle that you get.

Cook Something New Together

If your like most people, you tend to fall into routines when it comes to meal prep. Why not try something new and make a night of it.

Download a few new recipes off of the internet and create them as a couple. Do it all together. Choose the recipes, make the shopping list and go to the store as a couple. Bring it all home and do your best to make it something edible. Even if you end up eating a frozen pizza at the end of the night, it will probably be an experience worth remembering.

Just Go For A Drive

Some times it is nice to just get out and drive. The sound of the engine, the windows down and the air whipping through the car, it can be therapeutic. It works great if you live in a scenic area but any drive will really do. Stop some time during the trip and pick up a couple of milk shakes. For a few dollars in gas and just a few more for some awesome shakes, you can have a rather pleasant evening.

Have An Old Movie Night At Home

Chances are pretty good that you have a huge stack of old DVD’s in the closet somewhere. Why not dust them off and have a movie marathon at home. The older the movie the better.

Rediscover the classic movies that you ans your partner loved when you were younger.

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