Cash in someones hand till payday

Cash Till Payday

If you need cash till payday, we may be able to help. Let us get you a free and fast quote on the money you need and then give you some other options that you might be able to use to get the money that you need. Ready to see what your options are? Let’s take a look.

1. Get A Fast Cash Loan Quote

It takes just a few minutes to get an offer. Let’s get started.

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So how does this cash loan work?

Easy, you fill out one simple quote form and, if approved, you will get an offer from one of the lenders in the loan network. Because there are literally dozens of lenders in the network, your odds of getting an approval are greatly increased. More lenders equals more opportunities at getting that yes.

If you get an approval, you will be forwarded to the website of the lender where you will be given the chance to look over your offer. Like it and you can accept it and get your money as soon as the next business day. Don’t like it and you can just walk away, there is no commitment.

2. Check Out The Earnin App

If all you need is around 100 dollars, the Earning app might be the place to look.New users to the app can get up to 100 dollars till payday if you just follow a few steps.

You need to sign up for the app, enter your banking and employment information and use your phone to track your work hours. Your GPS on your phone will track your location to show where you are. If you are at work, the app recognizes that and records that you have earned money. You can then borrow against your earnings.

For new users, you are currently limited to borrowing 100 dollars. If that is enough money, you can borrow it and then when you repay it, you choose to tip what you like. Yes, you can tip $0 but the app will eventually cut off your access to funds if you continue to do that.

3.Get An Employer Advance

Similar to Earnin but going straight to the source. Many employers will allow you to take advances on the money that you have already earned.

This is actually how the Earning app came to be. The creator noticed that his employees were looking for cash till payday and created an app to profit off of giving them the money they desperately needed.

You have already earned the money, so there is no risk to your employer, so it is worth asking if this is an option. As long as you do not abuse the privilege, this is a good way to get an occasional loan to get you by until your next payday.

4. Borrow From Family

If you can not turn to your family in a time of need, who can you turn to.

A family loan has to be the ultimate emergency loan till payday because it comes without fees and/or interest. It does, however, come with a few precautions. It is easy to burn some bridges if you are not careful so there are some things that you need t be sure to do.

For starters, make sure that you treat this loan just as you would a bank loan. This means documenting all payments, loan proceeds and making your payments on time. Draw up a simple contract with the loan amount, how much is to be paid back and the intervals of payments. When you make a payment, record it by paying by check or electronic transfer. You need a paper trail in case memories get fuzzy.

Also, be sure to be sensitive to your family members feelings. Money comes with strong emotions. Make sure that paying off your debt is a priority and that you do not make any unneeded purchases until your debt is paid off.

5. Pawn Something of Value

Pawnshops have existed for some time now because people are always in need of fast cash. When they need money, a pawn loan is always a sure way to get some money till payday.

The process is simple. You take something of value to the pawn shop and they give you a loan. The loan is generally for a fraction of the value of the item which is a limiting factor in pawn loans. Loans are generally for 200 dollars at most because you would have to pawn a very valuable item to get much more.

Your loan will come with a number of fees and interest. In general, the pawn shop is allowed to charge you a document fee, storage fee and interest on the loan. It can get quite pricey and if you fail to make your payment or payments on time, you lose your item.

6. Use Title Loans As A last Resort

If all else fails you can use a title loan. If you have a free and clear vehicle title, this is an almost guaranteed source of money till payday. The problem is that it comes with a lot of catches.

The biggest catch is that you could, of course, lose your vehicle. This is a secured loan and the lender can and absolutely will take your vehicle if you default on it.

As a secured loan, you would think that the interest rates would be cheaper, after all the lender has a bit of security in their claim to your vehicle. Not the case. Interest rates are often capped in many areas but not fees. In many areas of the country, the average APR of a title loan is around 200 percent. Not a great rate for a secured loan.

Title loans can get you the money that you need until your next payday but they are risky, so be careful.

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