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Survey Money, What Bloggers Aren’t Talking About

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about making money with surveys. Can you really make money with paid surveys or is it just a bunch of lies? If you believe the endless list of bloggers pushing survey websites, you would think that everyone can make a fortune doing surveys. Let’s take a look at what bloggers are not telling you.

1) Bloggers Make More Money Than You Will

Did you know that those bloggers urging you to try survey websites make a great deal of money off of you. Each time someone signs up for a survey website, they get a payout, usually around 2 dollars a person. While that may not sound like a lot of money, if the blogger has enough traffic, it can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Technically, those bloggers are supposed to announce their affiliate relationship with consumers, but this does not always happen. Some will leave this announcement out while others will post a vague and often confusing disclosure that disguise their true relationship. These are bloggers after all, and they are good at writing.

So, next time you think about signing up for a survey website at the urging of a blogger, think about who will be the real winner.

2) You May Make More Money Without Them

Survey websites do two things to attract customers. They offer sign up bonuses and they pay commissions to bloggers. Did you know that following a blogger link may reduce your sign up bonus?

Take Swagbucks as an example. It is one of the largest survey websites on the internet and they have paid a sign up bonus for years. Follow that blogger affiliate link and they will pay you a 5 dollar bonus. Not bad for doing nothing. But, what happens if you go to their website without following a blogger link? They will pay you a 10 dollar bonus.

So, that blogger is costing you 5 dollars, which essentially means you are paying their commission.

If you absolutely must sign up for a survey website, visit the website directly to get the full bonus. Should you try to do so after clicking an affiliate link, clear your browser cache and cookies. This should wipe the affiliate cookie, so you get the full bonus.

3) There Are Few Well Paying Surveys

The claim with surveys is that you can make hundreds of dollars. With surveys paying 2 dollars, 5 dollars or even 10 dollars a piece, the money can add up quickly, right. If those payouts were true, this would be the case, but reality is far different.

Truthfully, very few surveys pay out anywhere close to the amounts above. Survey websites try to disguise this by paying in points. 50 points sounds much better than saying that you will earn 50 cents. You might find a few well paying surveys, and by well paying we mean 2 or 3 dollars, but most have insignificant payouts. The funny thing is that as you get closer to the payout threshold, well paying surveys get harder to find.

Additionally, as you work through the few good ones, you start getting disqualified at a much faster rate. Start answering questions for a few minutes and then, all of a sudden, sorry you have been disqualified. Frustration to no end.

4) You Will Not Make The Most Money From Surveys

The main money from survey taking websites is not going to be from surveys, it will be from product trials.

The truth is that most survey websites are really advertising websites. They make much of their money from advertisers pushing products at you. You are not there to help advertisers understand consumers, you are a consumer advertisers are advertising to.

Here is how it works. You might log into your survey account and see a paid survey for 50 points. In reality, that is not a lot of money, it is 50 cents. But next to that offer, you see an offer to accept a trial subscription for a service and that will pay you 1000 points or 10 dollars. A decent payday for just taking on a free trial offer. Of course to sign up for the trial you need to put a credit card number down and you run the risk of forgetting to cancel before the trial end date.

If an advertiser is paying this much money to get you to sign up for a trial, this is exactly what they are banking on, you forgetting about it and getting stuck with a bill. That or they will make it so hard to cancel that you hopefully give up.

So Are Survey Websites Worth It?

To be brief, if you need to make money, surveys are a complete waste of time.

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