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Budget Entertainment For The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus lockdown sure has taken a toll on most people. Not only are you stuck at home and bored, but chances are good that you are also broke. This can leave you struggling for some cheap ideas on what to do to entertain yourself and your family. Well, we would like to help with some cheap, budget friendly Coronavirus entertainment ideas.

Cheap Entertainment For Covid 19

Being stuck at home is one thing, but being broke and stuck at home is another. No 500 dollar online shopping or digital downloads, you just have to make due with what you have. At some point, you become desperate for ideas on what you can do to end the boredom.

We would like to help and, as long as you have an open mind, I think we can give you some great ideas. Take a look.

1) Board Game Night

It has probably been years since you played a board game. After all, who wants to take out an old fashioned game board when you can just whip out your cell phone. After a few weeks of the same old same old, those dusty boxes up in the closet start looking pretty good.

Why not go get your old board games and present them to the family as an option. You might just be surprised at how nostalgia will kick in and how you find everyone more than eager to play a game.

2) Classic Movie Night

Just like with board games, you are counting on the power of nostalgia here. Break out the old DVD’s or if you want to go way back, the video tapes and flip through them. Let everyone pick out a title and view a new one each evening.

Of course, these movies do not have to be classics in the technical term. It could be a copy of Taxi Driver or it could simply be the original Zoolander on DVD.

3) Free Phone Games

Apps can get expensive and they are surely not something that you want to go on a shopping spree for if you are not working. That being said, most apps have a free trial version that you can download. Just watch out for in game purchases.

Download and delete a new app every day. Play it for a day or two and then abandon it for something new. Abandoning these games is important because after a day or two, many of these games require payment to keep them interesting. Buying coins, etc. You know the tricks so just play them for a bit and move on.

4) Have A Picnic

If you have a yard or some kind of park access that still allows for social distancing, why not have a picnic. Just avoid any sort of playground or public furniture. Instead, just look for a nice grassy area and bring a blanket.

Pack along a nice meal and just enjoy the change of scenery. When you are stuck inside, it is amazing what a little change of scenery can do. It can really lit your spirits.

5) Go For A Drive

If you have to social distance but are not stuck at home, consider a drive. It can get you out of the house and present you with a little scenery change. Pick a route less traveled, perhaps a dirt road that you are unfamiliar with. Just be sure to bring a phone for navigation, you need to be able to find your way home.

6) Host A Facetime Chat

Do not underestimate the power of being able to see your friends and family. Facetime lets you easily do just that. Do it one on one or host a group chat. You might be amazed at just how good you feel after the call.

For those of you with Android phones, don’t feel left out. You have no native app to get thigns done, but you can download an app like Duo from Google. It will allow you to do almost the same thing.

7) Cook Something New

If you are stuck at home, you are probably eating just about the same thing all of the time. Why not mix it up with a new recipe. Your computer or smart phone gives you access to thousands of recipes so why not make something new?

Not a cook? Now is the perfect opportunity to learn. Start out slow and build up you cooking skills, you have nothing but time, so make the most of it.

8) Look Through Old Pics

With nothing but time on your hand, it is a good opportunity to do something that you never do anymore, like look at old pictures. Bring down that box of snapshots and dig through them. If you have pics on old cell phones, pull them out and charge them up.

Now is a opportunity to remember the past and remind yourself that things will get better. It is also a great time to get those pictures organized. Consolidate all of your pictures into a nice digital file that you can preserve.

Wrapping Up

There is no getting around it, a lockdown is boring and it will continue to be boring. That said, you can make little bright spots that you will remember in the future and you don’t need money to do so. Be creative and open to new activities. Some day, you might even be able to look back at this disaster nostalgically. Who knows.

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