Negotiating a bill on the phone.

Bills You Can Negotiate

You probably did not know it but there are some bills that come with a little wiggle room. If you want to save some money, these are bills that you can call and negotiate down. Ready to see which ones they are and how much you can save? Let’s get started.

1. Cable Bills

Cable companies are scared to death of the cord cutters. They can not afford to loose any more customers. Because of this, you can easily call and negotiate a better deal on your cable contract.

In most cases, your base contact will stay the same but you can probably negotiate deals on your package upgrades. Three months or more of premium channels and subscription packages will be relatively easy to get .

2. Medical Bills

If you have unpaid medical bills, they are often all too eager to hear from customers willing to pay cash. You can often negotiate large discounts for cash payments. Why? Because they do not have to go through health insurance bureaucracy and the ordeal of collections.

If all else fails, and you must pay full price, ask for an interest free payment plan. Before you do this though, be sure to look at your bill for accuracy. It is all too common for mistakes to wind up on your bill. Do not pay for services that you did not receive just because you decided to blindly believe the medical billing department.

3. Satellite Bills

Satellite companies are just as scared as cable companies are of the cord cutters. You can negotiate some huge savings on your satellite bill. Don’t think that because you are locked into a 12 month contract or longer that you have to suffer. Satellite companies know that people break contracts and they don’t want to lose you and your monthly check.

Get packages for free, premium channels for free or even cash discounts for a set period. All you have to do is threaten to cancel.

4. Credit Card Bills

Coming up on an annual fee? Call and threaten to cancel and you just might see that fee disappear. Just be prepared to back your bluff. In most cases, however, the credit card company will find a reason to give you a discount that covers that annual fee. The cost of customer acquisition is just to high to let a good one go.

Another way you can save is on your interest rate. The companies will not just give you a lower interest rate, you need to ask for it. If you are a good customer, paying your bill on time, you may be due.

Finally, if the worst happens and you make a late payment, the fees can be high. If you have never had a late fee before or if it has at least been a long time, ask for them to waive the fee. 9 times out of 10, they will do it.

5. Cell Phone Bills

Plans change all of the time. Your cellular company might have come out with an all new great plan but forget to tell you about it. Why would they? Call your cell phone company and say that you think you are paying too much and would like to look at your options. If there is a way that they can lower your bill, they probably will.

If all else fails, consider going to one of the pre-paid phone services. Most of them use the same network as the big boys. Cricket, for example, uses AT&T’s network. Boost runs on Sprint. You might not get subsidized phones anymore but those subsidies were not free anyway.

6. Internet Service

Chances are that you started your service on an introductory rate. When that introductory period ends, your rates will jump, unless you take action of course. Call and say that you are considering your options. Note every service interruption and slow down.

If you are in an area with many internet providers, be prepared to go the distance with your threats, after all, there is another introductory offer just around the corner. If you are limited with providers, be a bit more cautious. Be courteous and see if there is anything that they can do for you. You are essentially probing them, seeing if they will bite and make you a deal.

7. Insurance Bills

Did you know that you could pay less for your insurance if you pay it once or twice a year instead of monthly. The insurance companies would rather get their money all at once and they will give you a discount to do so. You could save 10% or more by paying your insurance premium with one payment and skip the installment payment charges that you get when you pay monthly.

Another way to save money with insurance is to bundle services. Car insurance is often cheaper when bundled with home owners or rental insurance, for example.

8. Restaurant Bills

We do not have to stop just with your regular monthly expenses. Restaurant bills are another prime example of a bill that you can negotiate.

There is the obvious case of bad service. If that happens, the tip should suffer. If there is another problem, such as poor food quality, cold food or even just a bad atmosphere, that is something that should be brought up to management.

You might have received good service but the meal could have still been bad. Ask to see a manager and most of the time, if you are courteous, they will take care of you. This could be comping an entree, giving you a free dessert or perhaps offering you a free meal to return.

In any case, you can get a discount on your meal if you ask for it, in most cases. Just be sure to still tip your wait staff.

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