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Best Places To Sell Your Stuff

If you need money in a pinch, a loan is not always the best way to get it. If you have stuff to sell, you can get rid of the clutter and get the money that you need without all of the fees and interest that you would have with a loan. Let’s take a look at some of the best outlets to sell your stuff.

If you need money in a hurry, selling some unused property is not always a bad option. In fact, sometimes it can be the best choice if you have something that is in high demand that you can sell quickly. Sell it using one of the outlets below and get the money that you need without fees or extra charges. Ready to get your money? Let’s take a look at some of the best choices out there for you.


Everyone knows about this one because it has been around since 1995 although it has gone through a number of changes over the years. It still remains a very simple, classified listings website. No special graphics, just a down to business theme that is boring but to the point.

The great thing about Craigslist is that it is free and has a huge audience. Just complete your listing and your item will be for sale in a matter of minutes. With a popular item, you can have a sale in a matter of hours but most successful sales will take several days. Popular items on Craigslist include furniture, major appliances and tools such as welders.

The negative aspect of working with this website is the scamming aspect. There are a lot of spammers and they usually contact you almost immediately. You can almost certainly expect the first 2 to 3 contacts to be people trying to scam you.

Tips: If you have decided to try selling your item on Craigslist, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, you should only accept cash and only do business in person. Choose a well lit place to make your sale like a busy shopping center during daylight hours.

Second, be prepared to negotiate. Everyone on Craigslist is expecting a deal so price your item with some wiggle room that will allow you to negotiate. If you need $200 for something, ask $250.

LetGo & OfferUp

The theory of these apps is similar to that of Craigslist but it comes in a more sophisticated format. Simply download the application to your phone and you can have your item for sale in a matter of seconds. You can even snap pictures and talk to buyers through the app. Apps are free on the

The great thing about using an app like the two above is that there is generally less spam and scammers to deal with. Although you should still keep your guard up, scammers are not as abundant on these applications.

Tips: Just like with any online classified, you should be prepared to haggle a bit. Price your items so that you have the ability to drop the price a bit because people like thinking they got a deal. Listing an item at the lowest price that you are willing to take will still leave you with a lot of low-ball offers to deal with.

In addition, wen selling an item, be prepared to talk to your buyers as quick as possible. They may be making offers on multiple items and being the first to respond can get you the sale.


If you have a large friend list on Facebook, you have a huge opportunity to get rid of some used items without all of the headaches of working with an online classified. Simply create a post with some of the things that you need to sell and you will not only reach your friends but the friends of your friends. This could mean that you could posting to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

In addition to the huge potential reach of Facebook, you have the added benefit of only dealing with friends or acquaintances of friends. It really cuts down on the chances of having a bad transaction because of the accountability.


Another long time favorite for selling items for top dollar. eBay allows you to use the power of competition to get the most money for your item as possible. You  can reach a national or even global market and bank big because people hate to lose. An auction style listing pits buyer versus buyer and if you have a popular item like an apple watch, for example, the sales prices can get quite good.

There are a few downsides to using the eBay service though. The first is the fee. Paying 10 percent of your sales price to eBay can hurt even though you are likely to get more for your item than you would locally.

In addition, with a national or international listing, you have to deal with shipping. This can be a nuisance and you have to deal with the possibility of lost shipments and even some less than honest buyers.

Tips: Use caution with buyers with negative reviews or no experience. If a buyer does not have a rating, they could be legit but they could also very likely be a scammer. In any case, it is usually easier to deal with experienced eBayers.

Another tip, if you need money quickly is to use a “buy it now” option. This can keep you from having to wait out a 7 or 10 day auction but will usually cost you a few dollars. Your “buy it now” price will usually be for less than you would have received on an auction.

Gazelle & ecoATM

If you have a used phone or smart device, these two services can be a real convenience. If you have the time to wait for shipping, get an offer with Gazelle. Simply enter your information in on their website and get an offer. If you like it, accept it and they will send you a shipping label. Ship them the device and once they receive it, they will send you your money.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with an ecoATm, it is even easier for you. Just take your device to one of these machines and get cash on the spot. Check the company website for a list of locations, if you have a major mall near you, chances are good that you have an ecoATM nearby.

Gold & Silver Stores

If you have jewelry to sell that is no longer in fashion, this is a strong option for you. These places will buy your gold and silver by the gram and can net you a pretty decent return for something that is wasting away in your jewelry box or dresser drawer.

The great thing about selling old jewelry is that it is almost always a piece that you no longer want or need and it helps you get rid of some clutter. In addition, you can get cold hard cash in hand, the very same day.

Tips: Although a lot of pawn shops will buy gold and silver, you will often get a better price from dealing with a dedicated gold and silver dealer. They know the market better and can recognize the value of a piece when a pawn shop owner might just shoot you a low offer.

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