Whispering about money problems

Being Open With Money Problems

If you are having money problems, the instinct is to keep them a complete secret from your friends and family. That might actually be the worst thing that you can do. Let’s take a look at some advantages of telling your closet friends and family about your problems. There is actually a pretty strong case for doing so.

The Case For Honesty

There is actually a strong case to be made for being completely honest with all of your money problems. It can help you out in a lot of ways when you come clean, so if you are in money debt, take a minute to consider the following things that honesty can do for you. They might just convince you.

Secrets Are Stressful

Keeping secrets is tough to do, especially with friends and family. It is just one more layer of stress to add on to yourself. If you are always pretending that everything is okay and that you do not have bad credit problems, even when you are with your loved ones, you never have a chance to decompress. The pressure will just keep on building and building.

In addition, the people that know you the best will easily be able to see that something is wrong with you. Keeping a secret like this can make them wonder what is wrong with you and possibly even lead them to start disassociating themselves with you.

Emotional Support

One of the best things about having close friends and family is the emotional support that they can provide. Money problems cause a lot of stress and you probably can’t afford to pay for a psychiatrist.

Family and friends are the next best thing. You can use them for advice and as a way to vent about what you are going through. Going through something alone is way worse than sharing your problem. Nobody likes feeling alone and it can certainly lead to depression.

Financial Support

Nobody likes asking for money and if you are just honest about your situation, you might not have to. Friends and family are usually willing to help and they would probably give you a loan ASAP if they though it would help. Whether you accept that loan is up to you but it would be great if it were an option. If you are not honest about your situation, that option would never be on the table.


The people close to you are a great support network than can help you stay motivated. You can tell them how you are doing and they can encourage you to keep on going. Having somebody to share your successes with is a great thing. It makes you proud of yourself and helps you keep going. Friends and family make the best cheerleaders.

You Can Spend Responsibly

If nobody knows that you have money troubles, they may expect you to keep up with their spending. This means going out and spending money when you do not have it and buying overly expensive gifts for each other for birthdays and holidays. You need money to get caught up, not to keep up.

If people in your family and your friends know that you have money problems, they won’t put you in that position. Everyone can find cheaper things to do together and not buy over the top gifts. If Christmas is coming, they may even arrange a gift exchange instead of forcing everyone to buy gifts for the entire family.

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