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If online gaming is your thing, you need a fast computer. A high end computer can take your game to the next level but it is not cheap. Lucky for you, if you need gaming computer financing, bad credit may not be an issue. Ready to see what kind of offer you can get?

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How Loan Monkey Helps

Loan Monkey is not a direct lender and this works to your advantage. Direct lenders can make it hard to get approved with bad credit. They have one set of criteria and if you do not meet it, you just get rejected. No second chances, game over.

Loan networks are different. For starters, many of the lenders in the network are already used to working with bad credit. This means that they often have much easier credit requirements.

So, when you apply, here is what happens. Your information will go securely form one lender to the next until one is found that wants to make you an offer. If a single lender decides not to do so, no problem, your info just goes to the next one. This all happens quickly and securely until you get an offer.

Once you have your offer on gaming computer financing, you will be given the opportunity to thoroughly review it. Be sure to look at every loan detail so that you know what you are committing to. If you like the offer, accept it and you will get your money as soon as possible.

The way that you get your money is another advantage to dealing with a loan network. You will have your money deposited directly into your bank account. This means that you can buy your gaming computer from wherever you want. You are not locked into one particular store. This allows you to get just what you want and to shop for the best possible deal.

Paying Back Your PC Loan

Your lender should inform you when the first payment on the loan is due. The payments may be automatic or you may be required to manually pay at each installment.

Once you know when the payment is due, you should fit that amount into your budget. Make sure that you are left with enough money to pay the rest of your bills. If it looks like it is going to be tight, you might need to make some budget cuts or find a way to increase your income.

Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are usually the easiest way to go. Here are some common ones that people make.

Bringing Your Lunch To Work

If you eat fast food every day, you are killing yourself and your budget. Not only is fast food high in fat and excess calories, it is also expensive. It can cost as much as $10 a day to eat at a fast food restaurant. Cut that out and save a fast 200 dollars a week by just bringing leftovers to work.

Negotiate Your Bills

You may be able to make cuts in your regular bills that you pay each month. One such bill is auto insurance. Call around and get a few quotes on coverage. Chances are good that you can find a policy that will save you 300 dollars or more per year.

Another big area to save when you need money today is your cable bill. Either call and negotiate a better rate or simply cancel it and switch to a streaming service.

Put Services On Hold

Do you have a gym membership? Consider putting it on hold if you need money right now. Also, if you do not want to cancel your satellite but need to save some money in the meantime, most providers will allow you to put your accounts on hold for up to 6 months.

Increase Your Income

Increasing your income means getting a part time job or some kind of side hustle. Here are some easy ways to make some more money.

Web Design

You will have the computer for it, so why not put it to work. It is actually quite easy if you have some basic computer skills. These days, the software does most of the work but that does not mean that people won’t pay you to help them out.

Sell your services at places like Fiverr and gradually increase your price as you build up a reputation and some experience.


Uber is the go to app for making money on the side. Simply drive around and earn money, up to $25 an hour. Turn the app on when you want to earn and off when you are done for the day, it is as easy as that.


There are a ton of ways to earn money besides the above. If you don’t want a cookie cutter job, look into lawn care, carpet cleaning and other services that you can do as an entrepreneur. Want to work for a company, look at places like Walmart or Target where you can get flexible hours and a nice starting wage.

Looking For No Credit Check Loans?

You may be looking for a no credit check loan but we will be the first to tell you that they do not exist. All creditors will check some sort of credit but many will not use the major bureaus. Some lenders in our network even, use alternate credit monitoring services such as Telecheck.

This means that you may be able to get approved even if you were denied by a company that uses the major bureaus like Equifax, Trans Union or Experian. In any case, there is only one way to find out and it is free. Check out the quote form at the top of the page and get your answer.

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