Saving money with a new baby in the house.

Baby Money Saving Tips

If you are a new parent, I am sure that you are super excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I will save the parenting advice for another blog and skip to what I know best, saving money. If you are a first time parent, chances are good that you are also on a budget. If so, you will enjoy this article chock full of tips to save money with your new baby.

1. Breast Feed As Long As Possible

Besides the health benefits of breast feeding, it can save you a lot of money. Formula is expensive, costing $20 to $30 per container.

If you do not have the time to breast feed, pumping is just as effective. It can allow you to get back to work and/or actually get some sleep at night. If you do not have a pump, check with your insurance company. Many include free breast pumps. If yours offers one, they will either ship it directly to you or reimburse you for the expense.

2. Buy Formula In Bulk

When it is time to make the switch to formula, buy it in bulk and buy it in generic form. You should have a discount club membership at this point and formula is one of the many ways it will save you big bucks.

A can of name brand formula can cost $1.25 an ounce or even more from a grocery store. You can get Members Mark for just 47 cents an ounce. That is almost a third of the price.

Tip: Check with your doctor at your next appointment and see if they have any formula samples. You could probably score enough to replace a full size container or even two. 

3. Buy Name Brand Diapers

There are times that you want to go with the generics and times that you don’t. With diapers, stick with the name brands.

Sure, you can save a little money with a store brand diaper but it will cost you more in the end. For starters, they will not hold as much moisture and do not do as good of a job wicking it away from the skin. This means that you will be changing them more often.

Second, generics are far more likely to leak. You will have dozens and dozens of ruined outfits. The largest accidents almost always happen with those pricey holiday or special event outfits.

Stick with the name brand diapers, trust me.

4. Don’t Open It Until You Use It

You have probably purchased a ton of gear and received all kinds of supplies from your shower. The temptation is to open everything and get it all nice and organized.

Don’t! Never open anything until the second you use it. You might be surprised at the stuff that you do not need.If you never open it, you can return it, even if just for store credit.

This goes for everything. Clothing, toys, bath gear and diapers. You might be surprised at just how fast baby goes up a size in diapers. Sure would be nice to return an unopened box.

5. Join A Parents Group

Join an online group and benefit in several ways.

First, you will gain a lot of emotional support and advice. Most groups will have active communities online and have events often. Get together with other moms and dads for company and to let the kiddos interact.

Another benefit is free stuff. As you will soon see, babies and toddlers are constantly outgrowing things. Many parents in groups choose to give these things away or simply loan them out instead of trying to sell them. Take advantage of free clothing, toys and even strollers.

6. Shop Garage Sales

Always be on the lookout for a good baby style garage sale. You can find the ones with baby gear easily. There will always be a stroller or a walker sitting out front. Those are the ones that will have the stuff you need like clothes and toys.

7. Shop Trade Up Events

Need a new car seat? Be on the lookout for trade in events. This is when retailers will give you a hefty discount on a new carseat when you trade in your old one. You used to be able get 25% once a year at Babys R Us for example.

8. Choose Gear That Grows

Buy gear that converts to the next stage. Car seats that go from rear facing to forward facing and then to booster seats. Cribs that convert into toddler beds or even twin sized beds. They even make strollers that can take you from infant to toddler.

These things usually cost you a few more dollars up front but will pay for themselves in the end. For example, pay $100 more for a crib now that will convert and save 400 dollars on a toddler bed years from now.

9. Save on Clothes

Save the fancy outfits for special occasions. They are just going to spit up on them anyway, or worse. Your everyday gear should be simple and cheap onesies, bought in bulk.

For the fancier outfits, shop the clearance rack. Buy your baby’s fall clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the spring. Just plan ahead for the size that you will need. Buy them for a fraction of the cost and pack them away until needed.

10. Join Mailing Lists

Go to the manufacturers website of every product that your baby uses or will use. Sign up for their email lists to receive coupons.

11. Shop Online

If you can not buy it at the warehouse store, you will probably be best buying it online. Usually that will be at places like Amazon, but not always. Get the browser add on Honey. When yo purchase something, it will automatically look for the best price and will check for coupon codes for you.

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