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Apple Watches With Bad Credit

Smart watches are some incredible pieces of technology. Technology of course comes with a price though and Apple is very proud of their tech. Because of this, you might think that one is out of reach but you may be wrong. We can help you get a quote for an installment loan that you can use to purchase the watch you have been dreaming about. There is no obligation and it is completely secure so why not get started?

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How Do I Get An Apple Watch Payment Plan

At Loan Monkey, we give you access to one of the largest online lending networks. You can often get approval for a monthly loan even when others have turned you down because many of our lenders are familiar with dealing with less than perfect or even bad credit.

If you get approved through this website, it is not exactly financing of a particular product. Financing would be from one store but this might be a better option. You might get a cash loan that you can use to pay for your item. This is good because it will allow you to also shop for the best price. If you get approved by a store, you are trapped and have to pay what they are selling the product for. With cash, you can look around and find the best deal.

So, a cash loan might just be better than an apple watch payment plan with bad credit. To get started, simply fill out the quote form at the top of the page. It only asks for basic information about your identity and your income. It will also request your bank information which is only used if you accept a loan. This is how your lender would send you your money so that you can buy your Apple product.

After you fill out the quote form, you will submit it and it will go to the loan network. It will then go from lender to lender until one is found that wants to make you an offer. Using a loan network makes it easy for you to get an approval because more lenders means more shots at getting a yes. If an offer is made, you will be directed to the lenders website or sent the offer. You will then have the opportunity to review the offer.

If you decide that you like your offer, you just accept it and the money will be sent to you just as soon as possible. This can happen as soon as the next business day. If you decide that you do not like the offer or change your mind, you can just walk away. You are under no obligation.

At Loan Monkey, we are not direct lenders but we can make it easy for you to get a quote for financing, bad credit may not even be an issue. The lenders in the loan network are used to working with bad credit. In any case, the quote is free so why not see what you can get.

Other Ways To Get A Watch

If you want your watch now, a loan is the easiest way to go about it but there are other solutions. The Series 4 Watch with GPS starts at $499, so here are ways to get 500 dollars or more. Some are easy and some will take a bit of time. Take a minute and see if one of these interest free options will work for you. If nothing else, you might be able to use them to pay back a loan if you take one out.

Get A Part Time Job

Granted, this is no fun,  but these days you can get a part time gig stocking shelves at Target and start at $13 an hour. Work just 40 hours and you can pay for your watch. Break that up part time and that is 10 hours a week for just one month. This does not take taxes into consideration but the numbers are pretty close nonetheless.

Donate Twice A Week

You can donate plasma twice a week and make up to $100 a week. The bigger you are, the more you make because you will be able to donate more plasma in a sitting. You can donate up to twice a week, just wait 48 hours between donations. In just 5 weeks, that watch can be yours and you would not owe any finance charges. In addition, you can get that good feeling in your heart knowing that you have helped someone.

Make Some Cuts

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. It is a cheesy saying but it is true. If you want to pay for your Apple purchase, you can simply do without some other things. Eating out for lunch perhaps. It can cost $10 just to get a basic lunch when you dine out. Brown bag it with leftovers from the night before and save $50 a week. In just 10 weeks, you will have the needed money and you might even feel a bit healthier.

Sell Something Else

It costs about $500 for a mid series smart watch. You may not have one thing laying around that is worth that but do you have several items that, combined, would give you the money? Some good things to look for are old cell phones (sell them at Gazelle), old jewelry (sell them at a gold and silver store) and old books, records and CD’s (sell them at a used book store).

Get A New Job

Depending on what type of work you do, you might be able to find a new job and get a nice signing bonus, up to 1000 dollars in many cases. Employers are desperate for employees and they will pay for it. Besides the sign on bonus, you might even get a boos in salary or hourly pay.

Ask For It

Got a birthday coming up? This is a pretty expensive gift but hey, who knows, maybe you have been good.

If asking for an entire watch is out of the question, you can also consider asking for Apple gift cards. Just ten fifty dollar gift cards and you can have that which you want so much, a watch.

Tip: You can also earn apple gift cards at survey websites like Swagbucks. It will be slow going but you can get there. In your part time, it is reasonable to earn about $50 a month taking surveys. Ten months and you have a watch.

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