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Alternatives To Financing Exercise Gear

These days, exercise equipment has become quite expensive. This is due to a number of reasons including everything from supply chain issues to the increasing complexity of the equipment being produces. Because of these high costs, financing has become a lot more common, but is it the right move. Before you jump right in and sign a contract, why not take a look at some alternatives.

More Ways To Get In A Workout

There are more ways to get the tools that you need to get in shape than just financing exercise equipment. If you are considering financing a treadmill or some other kind of gear, it pays to investigate your other options first. Have a look at some smart alternatives that could save you a lot of money and keep you paying unnecessary interest.

Get A Gym Membership

During Covid, gyms really came under attack and many of them closed, never to reopen. Gyms are not the villains that they have been made out to be and, if you are responsible, you can work out and stay healthy. Just be sure to follow all of the safety guidelines like masking and washing your hands. Even if others around you are not doing so, it can still help keep you safe.

The benefit of a gym is that you have thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment at your disposal. The average gym will have nearly 100,000 dollars in equipment, while high end gyms could have closer to 1 million dollars in gear. Obviously, this is something that you could not easily or cheaply replicate at home.

Even better is the fact that gym memberships have come down dramatically in the last decade or so with the concept of the budget fitness studio. With monthly dues as little as $10, it is not hard to see the savings potential over the cost of financing. Plus, you get a number of nice amenities and access to lots of equipment that you otherwise could not afford.

Go To The Used Market

Another way to save some money is to shop the used market for your exercise equipment. By doing so, you can cut your costs to less than half of the price of new equipment. The only catch is that you will not be able to afford being picky.

When looking for used equipment, you need to not be brand specific. Think of the the type of equipment that you want and be open to all models and brands. By doing so, you greatly increase both your chances of finding gear that will work and you will likely lower your purchase price.

Make sure that you choose multiple classified websites to monitor and check them often. The good deals will go very quickly, often within hours. Checking these websites often will allow you to identify these deals quickly, but you will need to go one step further and be ready to move at a moments notice.

The smart sellers do not hold their equipment and it will be first come and first serve. So, if you want to score a thousand dollar treadmill for 200 dollars, be prepared to move.  Have cash on hand and be ready with a way to pick up your equipment whether that be an empty SUV or a friend with a truck.

Go To The Free Market

Last, but certainly not least, why not consider the free market. Believe it or not, you can get a good workout in with no money spent. Parks are free and there are unlimited videos online at websites like YouTube. If you so chose, you could do a new workout every day and never run out of programs in your lifetime. That is how vast the library is on these websites.

Choosing The Right Equipment

No matter which route you go, it is important to choose the right exercise equipment. The wrong piece of gear will just sit and collect dust, while a smart choice could change your life. Here are some tips for choosing the right piece or pieces of exercise equipment.

  1. Avoid Trends
    Trends come and go, but good science endures. In truth, most of the new concepts are hot for some time and then fizzle out. They either do not live up to the hype or people eventually find that they are not as interesting or fun as they first seemed. Stick with tried and true cardio machines and resistance equipment
  2. Watch For Subscriptions
    Many of the new tech based pieces of equipment are coming out with pricey subscription services. Over time, these subscriptions can cost as much as or even more than the equipment. If you choose one of these styles of machines, make sure that the programing suits your needs, that you are not locked into a contract and that your equipment is not “bricked” if you cancel your subscription.
  3. Purchase Quality
    With exercise equipment, you really get what you pay for. Even if you need something for a temporary basis, you would be better off buying quality gear from a known brand. It will stand up to hard use, it will eventually be easier to sell and you are far less likely to get injured from quality products.
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