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5 Posts You Need To Read This Weekend

We post a lot of content on this website, but there are a lot of other great blogs out there. Blogs posting stories and articles that we ourselves read and find interesting. To help spread the word, we are going to start writing a Friday article about the top 5 posts that you should read this weekend. You have probably got a little time coming up, so why not use your weekend to become financially smarter.

Must Read Posts

If you have a little time this weekend, you might as well use some of it to get a little financially smarter. To that end, we picked out 5 articles that we think you should look at. Save your time combing the internet and just give these a read.

  1. Dollar Cost Averaging Explained
    By: Money Under 30
    A nice article by Money Under 30 explaining the concept of “dollar cost averaging”. It is a nice little read that should not take you more than 5 or 6 minutes to get through.
    In general, the concept is that you invest a set amount of money regularly over time. You don’t spend time trying to figure out the best time to enter the market, you just invest regularly. Since the stock market historically rises over the years, albeit with a few dips, this concept should allow the average long term investor to do well. Give it a read for a bit more of an in depth lesson.
  2. The Average Retirement Age In Every State
    By: Go Banking Rates
    This is more of a “hmm that’s interesting” article than an educational one. Take a look and see how your state stacks up against the rest. SPOILER ALERT, the winner is West Virginia with the youngest average retirement age of 61. The loser, with the oldest retirement age? That would be DC coming in at 67 years of age.
  3. 21 Online Retailers Offering Free Shipping
    By: Money Pantry
    Let’s face it, during this pandemic lockdown, we have been bored and some of us, not pointing any fingers, have been doing a lot of online shopping. Companies like Wayfair and Amazon are posting record sales figures all due to our inability to shop in person.
    When it comes to online shopping, the first thing I look for is “free shipping”. If a company doesn’t offer it, I move on. If you are like me, give this well researched and well written article a read.
  4. What to Do if You Get a Letter About Unemployment Benefits You Never Requested
    By: Life Hacker
    Man that is a long title. It is a good read though. Scammers are always trying to find a way to get one over on us. This time it is by trying to get your COVID-19 unemployment assistance programs. Take a few minutes and give this one a read this weekend so that you know what to look out for.
  5. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
    By: PT Money
    Do you own a small business or know somebody who does? If so, this article might be worth your time. Learn a little about the ins and outs of PPP loans. This is a government program that is designed to help small businesses keep paying employees and rent, among other things. Many expenses will even allow business owners to be forgiven on all or part of their loan.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 5 great articles that you can use to increase your financial knowledge this weekend. All in all, they should cost you about 30 minutes or less in reading time which will be time well spent. Enjoy and let us know what you think of our choices.

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