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4 Wheeler Financing

Buying a four wheeler with bad credit can be difficult. The dealerships do not want to finance you and going in to apply could be potentially embarrassing. We have a solution. Let us get you a loan offer from one of the largest online loan networks. If approved, the lender will deposit money directly into your account and you can go buy your ATV with cash in hand. Sound good. Get your quote now.

What if you could buy your ATV with cash? That is exactly what you can do when you get an installment loan online. Ready to see what you can qualify for? It takes just a minute to fill out the form and there is no obligation.

Financing Your Four Wheeler Online

You might thing that your only financing option is the finance department at the dealership but this is not true. If you have been or expect to be turned down because of your bad credit, you have another choice. Online lenders can get you approved when others can not. Plus, you have a lot of advantages that come with getting a loan that gives you cash.

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Power To Chose

When you finance online, you have the power to choose. You can choose whatever type of ATV that you like. You do not have to buy a four wheeler at the only place that will qualify you.

This allows you to get exactly what you want. If you are going to be making monthly installment payments on something, you might as well like it.

Ability To Buy Used

So many people buy four wheelers and then find that they do not use them. They then sell them for cash at a huge discount. They do not want to work with a buyers finance company so they only work with cash buyers.

If you want to take advantage of the deals on used four wheelers, you need to have cash in hand. This is where our lenders can help you. Once approved, they will deposit the money directly into your account. You could be four wheeling this weekend.

In addition, when you get a four wheeler financing quote, there is no obligation. If you like the offer, great, if not, just walk away. It is as simple as that.

Easier Approval

When dealing with a single lender such as Honda Finance, you have to meet certain standards. If you do not meet their requirements, you will get turned down for your loan. Then, the game is over.

With a lender network, if one lender does not approve you , your information simply goes to the next one. This happens repeatedly and securely until you get an approval or exhaust the list of lenders. It greatly improves your chances of getting an approval for the ATV that you want.

Be A Cash Buyer

There is nothing like being able to walk into a dealership and write a check for whatever you want. Get taken seriously by your salesman when you tell them that you will be paying cash for your purchase. Negotiate a better price because they know that if they meet your price, the sale is done. No waiting for their finance department to see if you can get approved.

What Kind Of Four Wheelers To Finance

You can finance any kind of four wheeler that you like. That is the great thing about getting a loan from a lender not affiliated with a particular dealership. It opens up a world of possibilities. That being said, the most popular ATV out there is probably the Honda.

Honda ATVs

Honda makes a full range of sport and utility ATV’s.They range from $3100 to

TRX90X : MSRP $3099 : A great four wheeler for the entire family that is suitable for riders aged 10 and up.

TRX250X : MSRP $4849 : A larger four wheeler that is suitable for riders over the age of 16. Features a 229 CC one cylinder engine.

Fourtrax Recon : MSRP $4199 : A smaller and more economical utility four wheeler.

Fourtrax Rancher : MSRP $5349 : Features over 400CC of fuel injected power at an affordable price.

Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 : MSRP $7299 : The entry level four wheeler with 4×4 capability.

Fourtrac Foreman Rubicon 4×4 : MSRP $8599 : A luxurious all day capable four wheeler.

Fourtrax Rincon : MSRP $9399 : The biggest ATV offered by Honda.

Four Wheeler Loan Questions

  1. What kind of four wheeler can I buy?
    When you get a loan online, you can go wherever you want. You are not dependent on dealership financing which is important if you have bad or poor credit. You can even go with a used ATV and save some big bucks.
  2. What would my payments be on a $5000 ATV?
    This will depend on your credit and the lender that makes you an offer. Interest rates, terms and your loan term will vary. Be sure to read all of the details of your loan before you make a decision as to whether to accept credit.
  3. How long does it take to get my loan money?
    You can have your money as soon as the next business day. Once electronically deposited into your account, it will be ready for immediate use. If you are desperate to get that ATV out on the trail, most lenders work very quickly.
  4. Can I get a Honda?
    Of course, you can get whatever type of four wheeler that you like. Since you have so many options, you might as well check out as many models as you can. Take a look at Polaris, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat and Yamaha.
  5. What about loans for bad credit?
    If you have bad credit, you can still get a loan. Since we give you access to a huge network of lenders, there may be a lender for you, even if you have blips on your credit radar.

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  1. Perfect, I am looking to get the whole family into four wheeling soon. That is about $20,000 in ATVs. How hard would it be to get approved for something like that. I am rocking about a 600 credit score.

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