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Get A $20,000 Loan Offer

At Loan Monkey, we can help you get a quote for $20,000 or more. Your personal loan quote is only a few minutes away. Just enter a little basic information and get an offer from one of our lenders. Even if you have bad credit, you can still get loan offer. Get started now.

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When You Need Money

If you need 20000 dollars now and you have bad credit, you know that you are facing an uphill battle. You might have been turned down before but we still may be able to help you. How can we help you when others can’t? Keep reading and find out.

Large Network Of Lenders

This is what makes the biggest difference. When you submit a quote on most websites, you are submitting it to a single lender. This severely limits you because that single lender has a specific set of lending requirements. If you come up short, they simply deny your $20,000 loan and it is all over.

With a lending network, you have more chances at getting an approval. Submit your quote and it goes to our network. It then travels from lender to lender, quickly and automatically. If one lender does not want to make you an offer, it goes to the next. This is repeated until you get an offer or you run through all of the lenders. In any case, it is the easiest way to get an approval with bad credit.

Easy Quote Form

If you have completed a loan quote before, you know that some forms can be super long and a real pain to fill out. Ours, by comparison, is very short and easy to fill out. It will walk you through step by step and should take only a few minutes to complete. If you have auto complete turned on in your browser, it might take even less time.

Our quote form asks for basic information. First, the amount that you want to borrow, in this case 20000 dollars. Then it will ask for contact information and information about your income. Finally, you will enter your bank routing number and account number so that your lender can send you money upon approval. Don’t worry, everything is kept nice and secure.

We care about the security of your information which is why we do what is within our power to protect you. The webpage is secure, just look at the little lock in the address bar. In addition, the form you submit uses 256 Bit SSL encryption in an effort to keep your data just as safe as possible.

Website Speed

There is nothing worse than a website that hangs up on you. This usually happens at the worst time, like when you are in the middle of a loan quote.

We have taken every effort to make our website as fast as possible. Fast servers and coding that takes advantage of every way to make a website faster. You have probably already noticed that the site loads quickly and smoothly. This is no accident. We do it so that you have the best and fastest loan quote experience.

In addition, once you submit your $20,000 loan request, the speed continues. You will get your quote fast. Our lenders know that speed is important to you and most people, if approved, will get an offer in just a few minutes.

Personal Loans With Bad Credit

It can be a challenge to get a high dollar loan with bad credit but if you need the money,  it is possible. To do so, you have to think like a lender and put yourself in their position. What is a lender looking for, in the end? Security. They want to know that there money is safe and will be repaid. So, you must make yourself reliable. Here are some ways to do that.

Housing Stability

If you move around a lot, you are not very stable. In addition, it could potentially make you hard to find if they need to reach you or even worse collect from you.

Lenders like borrowers to be at a residence for at least two years. This begins to show stability and indicates to them that you are not going anywhere. In addition, a stable home is one that is more likely to be financially sound.

Income Stability

Stability is the word of the day. Your lender wants to see that you have been employed continuously for years, ideally at the same job but at least in the same vocation or job type. Someone who works in construction for six months and then at a restaurant for 3 months is not very stable.

The ideal situation is being in the same job for at least two years. If you can not show that, second best is that you have been doing the same job for a long time. It shows that you have a career and will continue to be able to earn for years to come. Show that and you have a better chance at getting your $20,000.

On Time Payments

This makes up a huge part of your credit profile. Lenders want to see that you are paying your bills on time. If you are not paying other creditors, why would they think that you would make payments on time for your new 20000 dollar loan?

If you have some slow pays in the past, all is not lost. Start paying your bills on time and your credit will start to improve. In just 6 to 12 months, you could have a very different credit score.

If waiting for your score to improve is not an option, you could always provide an explanation letter to the potential lender. This would tell them exactly why you made the payments late. If there was an outside circumstance like an illness, that could help them look past the late payments. What they would be looking for is basically a reason why you could not make the payments that was outside of your control. Something that is unlikely to happen again.

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