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$200 In One Day

Looking to make $200 in just a single day? It is truly possible to do so and have $200 in your bank account the very next day.


$200 In Cash Per Day

Ways To Make #$200 Fast

Without further ado, here are 8 great ways to make several hundred dollars quickly.

  1. Get a $200 advance.
  2. Craigslist & eBay hustle.
  3. Drive 8 hours for Uber.
  4. Get paid for your opinion.
  5. Rent out a room in your home.
  6. Start a small business.
  7. Start a blog.
  8. Cash in on cell phones.

1. Get a $200 advance.

This is the absolute simplest way to get money quickly. Fill out one simple quote form and you can get a cash offer in just minutes. The best part is that there are no obligations whatsoever so it truly is a risk free quote. We even make it easy for you by giving you access to our huge network of online lenders. Check it out now.

As with all loans, there are fees involved so you need to take those into account. If you only need $200, just borrow that amount. Fees are based on the amount that you borrow so the more you take, the more you need to repay.


2. Craigslist and eBay hustle.

Buy low and sell high is one of the most common financial sayings that you will here. This is what you need to do to pull off this $200 plus a day hustle. First, you need to realize that people tend to sell things for less locally on free websites like Craigslist. You also need to realize that the competitive nature of online auctions tends to make people pay more for those same items online. So, what you need to do is buy cheap on Craigslist and resell for a profit on eBay. It is actually simple but takes a little product knowledge.

Buying on Craigslist

You need to have some product knowledge to know what is a low price and what is too high. To do this, pick something that you have knowledge about such as video games. Right now, for example, I see a Sony game system on sale locally for $150 with five games. I know that I can sell the system on eBay for $200 and each game for $15 a piece. That is $275 minus the $140 or so I would offer the local person. That is a potential profit of $135 for very little work.

Selling on eBay

Use a 10 day auction to attract the most attention. Know that people “watch” most listings without bidding until the very end. Expect the prices to skyrocket on popular items in the final minutes of the auction. Take advantage of free listings offered by eBay to save money and price out the best shipping methods. When you list your items, you can also make a little money on the shipping costs. Be sure to keep up to date on what items are selling for currently as markets do change.

3. Drive 8 hours for Uber.

Driving to make $200 a day.

With an average hourly rate of $25, you can work eight hours a day and make $200 with Uber. Hourly earnings will vary based on location and you could make more or even slightly less depending on where you live. Learn how to sign up for Uber and get started whenever you want. The best thing is that you can do this whenever you want so you can fit driving around any schedule. Make $200 or keep working until you make more.

This works best if you can cut down on driving related expenses. This means driving a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle. Extra costs for gas, tires and additional maintenance can add up. Another option to consider is Lyft which although not as popular as Uber, allows for tips. This can give you an incentive to add some extras for your riders like entertainment or mobile phone chargers.

4. Get paid for your opinion.

Survey taking has a bad reputation but you really can make a good amount of extra money taking them. $200 a day would take a lot of work, but it is theoretically possible. To reach that goal though, you would need multiple websites to work with. This lets you pick the best paying surveys from each website, maximizing your time.

You will live or die in the survey world based on the quality of the websites that you choose. You want to choose websites that have a good reputation for paying and a large number of surveys to choose from. Two popular choices include Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Both have been around for some time and Swagbucks even gives you $5 just for signing up.

5. Rent out a room in your home.

A room renting for $200 a night.

If you live in a popular area, you could easily get $100 to $200 a night by renting out a room. It would be best to avoid the cheaper advertising venues such as Craigslist. Since someone will be staying in your home, look for a more legitimate advertising venue like Airbnb.

Be sure to treat this as a real business venture by offering a clean room with nice amenities.

6. Start a small business.

The idea might sound far fetched but it is really not that hard to do. There are many businesses that you can start with little to no capital. All that you need to get started is a DBA (Doing Business As) certificate from your local county clerk. It is inexpensive, usually under $20. You can then take that certificate to get a business checking account. All that is left is a phone number, just use your cell phone or get a forwarding number that transfers to your cellular phone.

To advertise your business you have many options both expensive and cheap. If you are starting on a budget, cheap is probably the way to go. Advertise on Craigslist for free, print some flyers and hand deliver them for cheap or use Google Adwords. Adwords lets you set a daily budget to control your spending.

Now, what business should you start? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Maid Services: All you need is a vacuum, a mop, some rags, sponges and assorted cleaning supplies. Many people even supply their own supplies so that might not even be an expense. You can easily make $200 a day or more with a maid service.
  2. Dog Walking: All that you really need is transportation for this business. People are always in need of someone to take care of their animals both during the day and when they travel. $200 a day is once again no problem with this type of business.
  3. Carpet Cleaning: A little higher on the capital side but you can open a carpet cleaning business for around $1000 if you have a truck or SUV to move the equipment around. Get good at it and you can earn far more than $200 a day, closer to $500.
  4. Lawn Care: Have a truck and a lawnmower? You can start earning $200 or more a day cutting lawns. It is good money and great exercise. In addition, it is a great gateway to a lucrative landscaping business.
  5. Child Care: Have a safe place to host children? A child care business might be for you. Look into state licensing requirements to stay legal. Another easier option, to make $200 a day is to nanny at someones home.
  6. Painting: Another rather low overhead business to start. You need some ladders, some brushes, rollers, tarps and a bunch of disposables like tape, etc. All of this can be had for well under $500 and you can start earning $200 a day, probably more.

7. Start a blog.

Blogging for $200 a day.

OK, this one is not terribly fast and not everyone who starts a blog makes a fortune but you might. If you have knowledge on a particular subject such as cars or crafting, you can share your expertise on the internet.

To start your blog, get a domain name and then a hosting account. Domain names can be had for around $10 and hosting accounts are around $15 a month for a decent host. If you want to make things easier, get an account with wordpress. They will do the hard work for you and you can get right to blogging. Try to blog at least once a week, daily if possible. If your content is good and you are consistent, you will get traffic.

After you get traffic, you can start monetizing your blog. The easiest way is with a program like Google Adwords which places text ads on your website. A better alternative is with affiliate links. If, for example, you like a product, you can get an affiliate account pushing that product. Every time someone purchases that product from your website, you get a cut. The money can really add up and in a year or two, you could be making $200 a day from your blog.

8. Cash in on cell phones.

Almost everyone I know has an old cellular phone in a drawer. That is money. Sure it is nice to have a back up phone but chances are that you are never going to really need it and that phone is not getting any newer. Unused batteries die and the hardware on the phone is getting older and more outdated every day. Sell it while you still can.

Luckily, companies like Gazelle will buy your old smart phones and pay you nicely for them. You could easily earn $200 for a recent high end model. All you do is go to their website and enter the phone details. They will make you an offer and send you a box to ship the phone to them in. They get the phone and give you your money, simple as that.

Looking for other ways to get $200 today. Check out other ways to get $200 now. It is a very useful short article on the subject. Enjoy and we hope this article has been helpful. Please leave comments below.

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