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Payday loans can be tough to pay back, especially when they are due just 10 to 14 days after you take them out. Wouldn’t it be great to get the same kind of loan but have longer to pay it, like over 2 months? If this sounds good, we may be able to help, even if you have bad credit. Get your free quote now in just a couple minutes and see what you can get.

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How Can I Get A Payday Loan For 2 Months?

You may be able to qualify for a loan for 2 months or even longer. Break the payment up over a few months and make it easier to repay.

When you think about it, the standard bad credit payday loan is a tough thing to handle. How are you expected to be able to get caught up on bills in just a few weeks or less? You can’t do it, which is why so many people end up extending their loans or taking out new ones right away.

It is a vicious cycle but one that you can change by looking for a much longer installment loan instead of a payday loan. So, the installment loan is the winner but how do you get your quote. Let’s take a look.

The Quote Process

So now, how do you go about getting this loan quote? It could not be easier. The hardest part was finding the web page but lucky for you, you found it. Here is what you need to do right now.

First, scroll to the top of the page and fill out the short quote form. It will take about two minutes for most people to complete it. It is nice and easy and does not ask for your life history. Contact information, identification and income info is about it. It will also ask for your routing number which is so that your lender can pay you directly, if you are approved and accept your loan.

Once you have all of your information inputed, you will just agree to the terms and submit your quote request. Now, this is where the magic happens. With an individual lender, if you are not approved, everything stops. You would then have to start completely over.

With a loan network, if one lender does not accept you, your info just moves on to the next one. This repeats until one lender is found that wants to make you an offer. Sounds like it would take a long time but it takes place very quickly and of course securely.

If approves, you will be given your loan offer. Look it over carefully and if you like all of the details, you can accept it. You can typically do everything online from this point but occasionally, your lender may need to contact you. In any case, the lender will go about trying to get your money to you ASAP. In many cases, you will have your cash in your account the next business day.

Installment Loan Benefits

Now that you know how easy it is to get your quote, in seconds really, let’s look at what makes these loans so much better for you than a standard payday loan.

The biggest advantage that you will see is that the loans are much easier to pay back because of the longer term. Breaking a loan into several payments is always going to be easier on the wallet. Coming up with all of the loan principal and fees in one chunk is extremely hard. It can break your budget and cause you to just have to take out loan after loan.

Another advantage of an installment loan over a payday loan, if you qualify, is that you can borrow more money. Payday loans are limited by most states. It you qualify for a bad credit installment loan, you may be able to get more money. Now, you should only take out what you need but more cash might just make it easier to address your money issues.

What Can I Do To Qualify For An Installment Loan?

Installment loans, like all loans are dependent on several different factor. While many websites claim to offer no credit check loans, I assure you, some checks are being done. If lenders did not do any checks, they would wind up loaning money to people who didn’t exist. How many people named Mickey Mouse would apply?

That being said, lenders who specialize in dealing with bad credit can look past some things. The biggest thing they are looking for is stability and accountability. They want o know that you will continue making money and can be found.

The best way to prove to a lender that you will continue to be an earner is to have been at your job for a long time. If you have been at your job for over a year, it is fairly likely that you will continue to stay there and keep making money. Lenders like this.

Another way to show stability is to have been at a residence for a long time. If you move around every few months, the lender will think that you are not stable. They will also wonder if they will be able to find you should you default on a loan.

Finally, although credit scores are not the biggest factor with bad credit lenders, credit does come into play. The lender wants to see that you have not defaulted on similar loans made by other lenders. The more that you can show a positive payment history, the better.

Overall, with bad credit lenders, if you have a source of income, identification and good contact information, your approval odds may be good. Of course, Loan Monkey is not a direct lender and we can not guarantee your approval, your rates or the term of your loan.

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