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1700 Dollar Loans

1700 dollars is not incredibly easy to come up with. If you need a loan for this amount, we might be able to help you. Even if you have bad credit, one of our lenders may be able to extend you a loan offer. It takes just a few minutes to apply, so you have nothing to lose. Why not find out for yourself what kind of offer you can get?

Loan Quotes Made Easy

If you need a loan quote fast, we can help. With just a bit of information, you may be able to get a loan offer from one of our lenders. Even if you have bad credit, you may have options to get the $1700 that you need. Ready to find out?

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Getting A Loan Quote Online

These days, we do pretty much everything online and this includes getting a loan. Overall, online lending is pretty accessible but it can be a pain at times. We try to make it easy for you to get the loan quote that you need quickly. We do that in several ways.

First and foremost, you should know that at Loan Monkey, we are not a direct lender. This is actually a good thing because working with a direct lender is very limiting. We give you the power of an entire network of lenders. This makes it easier to get an approval, even if you have bad credit.

The first step in the process of getting you your money is filling in your quote form. The form at the top of the page will take you just a few minutes to complete. You only need to enter basic contact information, income information and banking information. The banking info will only be used if you accept a loan. The lender will use it to deposit your money directly into your account.

Once you have completed your quote form, you simply submit it and wait. In just a few minutes or less, you will get your answer. Luckily, with a loan network, your chances of approval are greater. What happens is that your information will go from lender to lender until one is found that wants to make you an offer,

This is what separates a loan network from a direct lender. With a direct lender, if you do not meet their specific requirements you get denied and you have to start all over somewhere else. Very frustrating. With a network, if one lender says no, your info goes to the next one. This repeats itself automatically until you exhaust the list or until you get your loan offer.

If you are approved for a loan, you will be given all of the details of your loan so that you can make your decision. The lender that made you an offer will either contact you or you will be directed to their website. Be sure to read all of the important details of your loan and understand them. Any questions you might have should be directed to your lender before you commit to your loan.

If, after carefully reviewing your offer, you like the details, you can accept it, Your lender will then begin the process of getting you your money. This will often happen as soon as the next business day although bank holidays and weekends can delay the transaction.

Once You Have Your Money

If you qualified and accepted your loan, you can use it for anything you like. We, of course, urge you to use caution. If you have bad credit, chances are that the rate you receive will not be the greatest. In this case your loan should ideally be used for an emergency only. If you receive a good rate, you might consider using your money for non necessities such as with a pet loan that many people use for expensive pure bred puppies.

Getting your loan money is just the beginning. Soon, your first payment is due. Hopefully, you have fit the required payment into your budget and it works for you. If not, or if it is tight, here are some great ways that you can make extra money to pay back your 1700 dollar loan.

Plasma Donation

This is something that I recommend often, for two reasons. It is good for you and it helps other people as well.

First, for you. Plasma donation can yield you anywhere from $200 to $400 a month. This is because you can donate up to twice a week as long as you wait 48 hours before individual donations. You can donate this much because your red blood cells are returned to you in the donation process.

Donations can yield you $40 to $100 per donation. The amount you can donate actually varies based on your weight. The bigger you are, the more you can donate at one time.

The second reason to give plasma is that you are actually helping people. Plasma is used for a number of life saving treatments. Even though the companies you may be donating to may be for profit, they are still producing worthwhile and needed treatments.


Yes, you can make money recycling and help the environment at the same time. You are probably thinking about aluminum cans right away and yes, this is a way to make money recycling. It would take a lot of cans to pay off a $1700 loan.

A better way to make more money is to recycle scrap metal. Scrap metal is all around you and it is purchased by the pound. Luckily , it is heavy so you will need a truck or SUV. The best place to find it is  on bulk trash day. People throw out all kinds of recyclable materials that you can scoop up and sell. Just be careful not to make a mess of the pile or you may face an angry home owner.

Big Box Stores

The big box stores like Target and Walmart are always in need of employees. In addition, both of them are fighting each other to lure in more workers. Because of that fact, minimum wage for both stores has increased dramatically. Just picking up a few hours a week of work can help you make the payments to get rid of that $1700 debt.

Currently, Target is winning the wage battle, offering more money per hour. SO, if you want to make the most per hour, they might be your best choice. Need more flexibility in schedules? Walmart may be the way to go as most stores are open 24 hours.

Loan Terms To Know

When you take out a loan or just get a quote, you may come across a number of different terms. If there is anything that you do not understand, you should contact your direct lender for clarification. Here are some terms you might see.

  • APR – Annual Percentage Rate
    The APR is not simply the interest that you would pay for the loan. The APR is a more accurate way for you to judge different loans because it takes into account the fees that come with the loan. This allows you to judge different loans and compare them even though they may have different fees.
  • Payday Loan
    A type of loan that is repaid in one lump sump. Most payday loans are limited to loans of $300 on up to $1000. It will vary from state to state and they are not legal in all states. Lenders charge fees with payday loans which, when translated into an APR can often exceed 400%.
  • Installment Loan
    An installment loan can be obtained with either good or bad credit. With this type of loan, the borrower will have more time to pay back the money. Loans can have terms of just a few months to several years. Interest rates will vary and although the APR is generally higher than that of a payday loan, you will be paying it for a longer period.
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