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14 Ways To Get Money Now

Need money now but at a loss as to how to get it? I can help with that. Desperation can often cloud your mind a bit and it can be hard to realize just how many options that you really have. Take a look at some fast money options, many of which can get you money as soon as today. Let’s take a look.

Let’s Get You That Money

So you need some money and I am assuming that you need it just as soon as possible. Well, let’s get to it then.


1) Maybe A Fast Loan Offer

Hey, it is free to get an offer, so why not have this in your back pocket. Nobody says that you have to accept the loan. Jut get that offer and have it as a back up method to get your money if all else fails.

Get your quote now.

We may be able to get you an offer, even if you have bad credit, so do not let that stand in your way.


2) Cash Today For Your Phone

Have an old cell phone laying around just collecting dust? It is never going to be any more valuable than it is right now and you can get cash today for your phone with the help of an ecoATM.

Find a kiosk now.

Just bring your device to a machine, get an offer and walk away with cash in hand.

3) Sell Scrap Metal

Metal is worth big money, and not just aluminum cans. In fact, that is actually the hardest way to go about things.

No, think big with big pieces of scrap metal. Scrap yards would love to get their hands on the metal to recycle and they will pay you well, by the pound, to get it. Go pick it up from the side of the road or look for people on Craigslist that just want you to haul it away.

Nearly every city has a recycling center that accepts metal, so just do a quick search on your phone and find one.

4) Have A Garage Sale

Garage sales are a time tested way of making money fast. A quarter here and fifty cents there really adds up in a hurry. Even better, if you have some high dollar items like tools or appliances, you can really clean up.

15 Garage Sale Tips

If you choose this option,take a few minutes and make a plan. Remember that signage is important and check with your city to make sure that a permit isn’t required. Don’t want to lose all of your profits to a fine.

5) Sell On eBay

Wait, eBay, but you need money now. You can do it with eBay, in fact, you could have money in your account today from selling on eBay.

To get money now, you need a high demand item, like video game systems, and you need to list it as a “buy it now” listing. Price it lower than you see auctions of similar items end at and you can have your item sold in hours.

Specify in your listing that buyers must immediately pay with PayPal. Then, when it sells, take advantage of PayPal’s instant transfer feature and get the money instantly sent to your bank. Boom, same day money with eBay.

6) Do Day Labor

Willing to pull up your sleeves and do a little work for your money? There are usually a lot of day jobs available, if you know where to work.

If you are in a major city, there are usually a few day labor sites that people go and wait for work. Jobs are typically manual labor and they will pay cash at the end of the day. Do note that there is often a little negotiation in order, s be prepared to haggle a bit.

An even better approach is to check the Misc. jobs section on Craigslist. If you are lucky, you might find a gem or two. It could be anything from doing yard work to holding a sign on the corner. What all of these jobs will have in common though is that they pay cash at the end of the day.

7) Donate Plasma

Okay, this involves a needle, but it really isn’t that bad. If it bugs you, just look away while they stick you and play on your phone until you are done. Donation takes about an hour and when you are done, you can walk away with up to $50.

Find a donation center.

There are a lot of great things about donating plasma when you need money. Because they return your red blood cells, you can donate up to twice a week. That is as much as 400 dollars a month, every month. If that is not enough, you would be doing a good thing that helps a lot of people.

8) Sell Your Old Gold Or Silver

Not all jewelry is timeless, some of it is just plain tacky. If you have jewelry that nobody really wants but contains some precious metal, sell it to a gold or silver store and profit by the gram.

Just remember, not every gold and silver store is honest. Be sure to look for reviews online before you commit to a location and do some research on current gold and silver prices.

9) Defer A Car Payment

A penny saved is a penny earned. If you can cut your bills, you can effectively put more money back into your pocket. One way to cut the bills is to defer a vehicle payment. If you are in good standing with your lender, a deferral is simple and easy.

All that you need to do is call up your lender and ask to move a payment. Just have a good reason handy such as an unexpected medical bill, etc. Do keep in mind that deferring a payment does not eliminate it. The payment will simply be moved to the end of the loan and interest will continue to accrue.

10) List It On Facebook Marketplace

Got something big to sell, place it on Facebook Marketplace. It is a huge market with a bit less spam than Craigslist and things sell fast.

If you have things like furniture, appliances or tools, you are golden. Price them right and they will sell quickly, in as little as a few hours in many cases.

As with Craigslist, use caution when dealing with buyers. Always meet in a public place and never accept anything but cash.

11) Sell Some Books

Remember books? Well, people still read and even collect them. That makes those paper dinosaurs worth money.

Put all of your books and even magazines into a box and bring it down to the nearest used book store. You might not get a fortune for them, but every dollar counts when you need money.

12) Cash In Your Gift Cards

It happens every year, it could be your birthday or it could be Christmas, but you wind up with a gift card or two from a store that you never intend on going to. It might seem like wasted plastic, but you can turn it into cold hard cash.

Sell your gift cards.

Take those gift cards and get up to 90 percent of the face value back. This is a great way to get cash when you need it and get rid of a card that would eventually be worth nothing.

13) Panhandle

If all else fails, why not just beg for the money. Panhandlers have been known to make hundred of dollars a day on a good corner. All that you need is a creative sign and a winning smile.

Of course, you do have to potentially deal with laws against panhandling in select cities and competition from other panhandlers (watch out, they will cut you). Use this method cautiously or better yet, not at all.

14) Pawn Something

Need to get money right away? A pawn shop can get it to you and you would not have to haggle with buyers or deal with scammer.

The negative here is that you would have to take a hit on the item. The pawn shop has to be able to resell your item for a profit so they will not give you full retail value. Still, if you need money now, it is a fast way to get it.

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